Saturday 151003


Eight rounds for time of:
5 – 185 pound* Front squat
26 – Ring push-ups

*0r 65% of your 1RM

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Friday 151002

15 Box jumps, 24″ box
115 pound Push press, 12 reps
9 Toes-to-bar

I HATE ridiculous crap like the following.  Hate! Hate! Hate! From the Huffington Post

5 Signs You’re Not Happy With Your Life (And What You Can Do About It)


Each of us has 24 hours every day. We will spend those hours and days generally happy or somewhat miserable. There will be a mix, of course, but too many people exist in life instead of truly living. Too many people choose to accept their circumstances instead of chasing all the dreams and desires of their heart.

The idea of living your dream life or a “happy life” will seem ridiculous to some. I was one of those people for 12 years. I lived my life paycheck to paycheck and in constant survival mode. I didn’t think about hopes, dreams, or a happy life. It took some incredibly difficult circumstances to wake me up.

It doesn’t have to take a tragedy or an extreme circumstance for you to admit what you want for your life. Each of us has different goals and dreams that will make us happy, but what we all desire is freedom. We long to live life on our terms and spend our time on the things that are important to us. Here are five signs you’re not living a life that makes you happy and gives you freedom.

1. You don’t quit a job you hate. Spending 40 plus hours in work that makes you miserable or doesn’t fulfill you has an effect on your life. It can add stress and anger, and take you away from your family. We invest too much of our time working, so it’s important that time is spent bettering the kind of life you want to live. We live in hard times when the economy isn’t the greatest, but there’s still an opportunity to find or create work that fulfills you.

2. You stay in a toxic relationship. Love can be amazing, or it can make you want to hide under the covers. When you’re in love, it’s hard to let go–even when you know you should. It can be a friendship or romantic relationship, but if it’s toxic, you will stay paralyzed in anger, fear, and complacency. To find your happy, you should consider purging toxic relationships. The energy and what you feel inside is screaming at you.

3. You don’t get rid of negativity in your life. As with toxic relationships, negativity can derail your progress and keep you stuck in a “good enough” life. It can be negative habits, people, or environments, but purge negativity from your life to find your happy.

4. You let doubt and fear keep you stuck. Each of us battles self-limiting beliefs. It could be because of how we were brought up or past failure in our life, but we let doubt and fear keep us paralyzed. If doubt and fear have kept you from thinking about how you want to truly live your life, I hope today is the day you say, “enough!”

5. You put off the hard choices for “another day.” It’s easy to feel okay about an area of your life you want to change — just tell yourself you’ll work on it “later.” The problem is, later never seems to come and we keep putting off making the hard choices. None of us will live forever, and we’re not guaranteed a moment past right now. Today is the day to claim the life you truly deserve.

Making any change starts with what you believe. If you believe life is hopeless, and there’s no way out of your situation, you will continue doing what you’re used to doing. You won’t take the necessary to start the journey to your happy life.

Nothing in life that’s worth it comes easily. It will be hard, and it will take time to change major areas of your life. The journey helps us learn to be grateful once we reach the destination. Despite the struggle to make your dream life a reality, it will be worth the efforts you’re making. Life is too short to settle. You can live a happy life, and it starts with making a choice. If you’re not living the kind of life you want to live, start the journey to freedom after you get done reading this.

Are you living a happy life?

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Thursday 151001



From The New York Times


Ask Well: The Best Exercise to Reduce Blood Pressure


What is the best exercise to control high blood pressure?

Take your pick, as the best exercise to control high blood pressure seems to be virtually any exercise, like walking or cycling or light weight training, especially if your workouts are spread throughout the day.

“Even standing might work,” said Glenn Gaesser, the director of the Healthy Lifestyles Research Center at Arizona State University and an expert on exercise and hypertension.

Exercise lowers blood pressure in large part by altering blood vessel stiffness so blood flows more freely. This effect occurs during and immediately after a workout, so the blood-pressure benefits from exercise are most pronounced right after you work out.

As a result, the best way to fight hypertension may be to divvy up your workout into bite-size pieces. In a 2012 study by Dr. Gaesser, three 10-minute walks spread throughout the day were better at preventing subsequent spikes in blood pressure — which can indicate worsening blood pressure control — than one 30-minute walk. And if even a 10-minute walk sounds daunting, try standing more often. In another study led by Dr. Gaesser and published in August, overweight volunteers with blood pressure problems were asked to sit continuously during an eight-hour workday while their blood pressure was monitored. The readings were, as expected, unhealthy.

But when, during another workday, those volunteers stood up every hour for at least 10 minutes, their blood pressure readings improved substantially.

The readings were even better when, on additional workdays, the volunteers strolled at a pokey 1-mile-per-hour pace at treadmill desks for at least 10 minutes every hour or pedaled under-desk exercise bikes for the same number of minutes every hour.

“Exercise intensity does not appear to play any significant role” in helping people control blood pressure, Dr. Gaesser said. Movement is what matters. So go for a stroll a few times during the day or simply stand up more often to develop healthier blood pressure.

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Wednesday 150930



85% x5, 4, 3, 2 and 1


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Tuesday 150929


800m Run

Rest 4:00

1000m Row

Compare to: Thursday 150806

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Monday 150928


20RM BSquat (try 65% + 5lbs)

Then Testing

2:00 Push-ups

2:00 Sit-ups

500m Row

400m Run

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Friday 150925


Shoulder Press
70% x5 x2
75% x5
80% x5 x2

From The Atlantic

Clean Diesel No More: Volkswagen Scandal Grows
The automaker now says 11 million diesel vehicles were equipped with the software that helped them cheat emissions tests worldwide.


Volkswagen says some 11 million diesel vehicles were equipped with the software that helped them cheat emissions tests worldwide, just days after the EPA ordered the automaker to recall 500,000 vehicles over the deception.

Here’s more from the company’s statement:

To cover the necessary service measures and other efforts to win back the trust of our customers, Volkswagen plans to set aside a provision of some 6.5 billion EUR recognized in the profit and loss statement in the third quarter of the current fiscal year. Due to the ongoing investigations the amounts estimated may be subject to revaluation. Earnings targets for the Group for 2015 will be adjusted accordingly.

Volkswagen does not tolerate any kind of violation of laws whatsoever. It is and remains the top priority of the Board of Management to win back lost trust and to avert damage to our customers. The Group will inform the public on the further progress of the investigations constantly and transparently.
That amount of 6.5 billion euros (about $.7.25 billion) is unlikely to help the automaker’s shares, which lost nearly a fifth of their value on Monday, and fell a further 5 percent Tuesday.

On Monday night, Michael Horn, the president and CEO of Volkswagen Group of America, said the company had “totally screwed up” over the scandal, which has prompted calls for investigations into the world’s second-largest carmaker.

French Finance Minister Michel Sapin called for a “Europe-wide” investigation into diesel cars.

“This is not a minor subject, it’s not about speed or the quality of leather,” he told French media. “What we are dealing with is making sure people avoid being poisoned by pollution.”

South Korea’s Environment Ministry said it would test the diesel models of the Volkswagen Golf and Jetta, as well as the Audi A3.

My colleague Robinson Meyer describes how the “defeat devices,” as the software is being called, worked.

These devices, essentially, let the cars pretend to not break the law. The software could sense when the car was undergoing emissions testing and activate its pollution-control systems accordingly. When the car was being driven during normal use, these systems largely did not activate—making the car a much heavier polluter in real-life than it looked on paper.

With those systems deactivated, the car’s emissions violated the Clean Air Act and California’s state pollution-control regulation.

And as my colleague Bourree Lam reported, Volkswagen denied the allegations to regulators for years. Volkswagen faces fines of up to $18 billion in the U.S. over the deception, as well as class-action lawsuits. Reuters has the background:

VW, which for several years has been airing U.S. TV commercials lauding its “clean diesel: cars, was challenged by authorities as far back as 2014 over tests showing emissions exceeded California state and U.S. federal limits.

VW attributed the excess emissions to “various technical issues” and “unexpected” real-world conditions.

It wasn’t until the Environmental Protection Agency and the California Air Resources Board threatened to withhold certification for the automaker’s 2016 diesel models that VW in early September revised its explanation.

The scandal has brought into question the performance of Martin Winterkorn, the automaker’s CEO. Some analysts quoted by Reuters note that he might have to step down over the scandal.

A panel of Volkswagen’s supervisory board will discuss the scandal on Wednesday. The full board meets Friday to extend Winterkorn’s contract until the end of 2018.

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Thursday 150924


“Rowing Annie”

500m row

400m row

300m row

200m row

100m row


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Wednesday 150923

Power Clean – Heavy Single


Use 80% of that heavy single and complete 2 Cleans EMOM for 10:00

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Tuesday 150922


Snatch + 1 OHS – Work to a heavy single


Use 65% of that heavy single and complete

400m run + 15 OHS

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