TITANFIT is a CrossFit affiliate. We are located on the Westside of Indianapolis, IN (Indy).

TITANFIT is not your run of the mill, ordinary training environment. We design workouts, coach, train and cheer you on to achieve better overall fitness. We define fitness as the pursuit of function and we measure performance – not anatomy. Simply put if you are exercising for “boy band” abs, we are not the facility for you.

If, however, you want/need to achieve real FITNESS, come experience training with us…Indy’s most hands-on training environment.

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One comment on “About TitanFit

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    Would you be open to us sending you some samples to see how you feel using them pre or post workout? Each bar should fuel you with balanced energy for 3-4 hours and has the potassium equal to a small banana. If you are interested in free samples, please call us at 877-349-1109 or reply with the name and best address for the package.

    Thanks in advance for being open to trying a product that may be new to you and for supporting a small, woman-owned business! We work hard every day since 1990 to make the yummiest protein snack bar with high quality ingredients to fuel a balanced life.

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