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Clean and Jerk 1RM


Max Reps Ab Wheel Roll-outs

From University of Copenhagen

New research: Obese people can maintain stable weight loss


Maintaining a stable weight loss is the biggest struggle for obese individuals, yet new research from University of Copenhagen have allowed researchers new insights into the complex processes involved in obesity and especially weight loss in obesity. It is now possible to offer overweight people a clearer understanding of how to sustain weight loss.

“This study shows that if an overweight person is able to maintain an initial weight loss – in this case for a year – the body will eventually ‘accept’ this new weight and thus not fight against it, as is otherwise normally the case when you are in a calorie-deficit state,” saysAssociate Professor Signe Sørensen Torekov from the Department of Biomedical Sciences and Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Basic Metabolic Research. The research has recently been published in the European Journal of Endocrinology.

Appetite inhibiting hormones
The main finding in the study revealed that after one year of successful weight loss maintenance, the researchers were able to demonstrate that postprandial levels of two appetite inhibiting hormones (GLP-1 and PYY) increased (=appetite inhibition) from before-weight loss level – in contrast to the hunger hormone ghrelin, which increased immediately after weight loss but returned to normal levels (= low hunger) after one year. This demonstrates that the hormones GLP-1 and PYY are able to adjust to a new ‘set point’ and thus may facilitate the continuation of a new and lower body weight.

“We know that obese people have low levels of the appetite inhibiting hormone GLP-1.  The good thing is that now we are able to show that you can actually increase the levels of this hormone as well as the appetite inhibiting hormone PYY by weight loss and that the levels are kept high (=increased appetite inhibition) when you maintain your weight loss for a year,” adds first author of the study MD and PhD student Eva Winning Iepsen.

Maintain your weight loss
Twenty healthy, but obese, individuals followed an 8-week low-calorie powder diet and lost on average 13 % of their body weight. After the initial weight loss, the participants entered a 52-week weight maintenance protocol, which consisted of regular meetings with a clinical dietician with instructions on lifestyle changes as well as diet calendar tracking. In case of weight gain, the participants could replace up to two meals per day with a low-calorie diet product.

During the study period the participants completed three meal tests – before weight loss, immediately after weight loss and after 52 weeks of weight loss maintenance, where blood samples were collected after fasting as well as postprandially and subsequently analysed.

“The interesting and uplifting news in this study is that if you are able to maintain your weight loss for a longer period of time, it seems as if you have ‘passed the critical point’, and after this point, it will actually become easier for you to maintain your weight loss than is was immediately after the initial weight loss.

“Thus, the body is no longer fighting against you, but actually with you, which is good news for anyone trying to lose weight,” concludes Associate Professor Signe Sørensen Torekov.

Friday 150102

OK Kids…

Back to basics…

Box Squats (16 inches high) – Find a 3RM

THEN take 80% of that number and complete 3 sets of 3 reps at 12 inches high

Today starts our JanABuary efforts – 25 Toes-to-bar or AB Wheel or GHD Sit-ups

From Uproxx

How Low-Cost Gyms Like Planet Fitness Psychologically Manipulate Members Into NOT Going To The Gym

Planet Fitness

There’s an absolutely fascinating episode of the Planet Money podcast up on NPR now (or subscribe via iTunes) about the tactics that low-cost gyms use in order to make a fortune on low $10 a month membership fees. I’m particularly fascinated by it because I’m the exact kind of gym member that a place like Planet Fitness craves. I’ve been a member for five or six years, and I’ll go five times a week for three or four months and then get sidetracked by work or kids or other commitments and not attend the gym again for three or four more months.

I’m the ideal gym member.

Why? Because places like Planet Fitness are not actually designed to accommodate the number of people who enroll as members. For instance, the gym used as an example in this episode of Planet Money had about 6,000 members, and yet the facility itself could only accommodate about 300 people at a time. If all the members who signed up actually went, franchises like that Planet Fitness would have to charge far more than $10 a month.

In fact, of the members who get gym memberships, about HALF never actually visit the gym once.

So, how does a place like Planet Fitness attract a clientele that’s earnest enough to sign up for the gym but not dedicated enough to actually go?

Part of it has to do with design: They create gyms that are meant to look like bars. They are designed to make out-of-shape people feel comfortable being there, because the gyms know out-of-shape people are not likely to attend frequently once they sign up. They do that with mirrors and disco music and even massage chairs. Meanwhile, the actual gym part of the gym — the free weights and weight machines — are typically hidden away from the main part of the gym, back in a more intimidating space that those comfortable in the bar-like atmosphere would be less likely to visit. Low-cost gyms don’t actually want the body-builder types — they’d actually go to the gym more frequently — they want those who climb on the treadmill every once in a while. (I can confirm this: In the five or six years I’ve been attending my gym, I’ve visited the weight room twice, and both times, felt like an alien outsider).

Psychologically, when it comes to gym memberships, contrary to what you might think, we also LIKE the idea of long-term contracts, because it locks us into a commitment of going to the gym that we will feel compelled to follow through on. The thinking is, “Well, I’m paying $10 a month, so I HAVE to go,” except when it comes right down to it, the thinking is more like, “Well, it’s only $10. I’m not losing that much. I think I’ll have a pizza and watch The Blacklist tonight, instead.”

Speaking of pizza, I always found it strange that the gym I attend has pizza night and bagel breakfast once a month. That seems kind of self-defeating for a gym, but again, that’s part of the design. The average low-cost gym loses about half of its members each year, so in order to entice people who don’t go to the gym to sign up for another year, these gyms offer free food so at least members get something out of their membership. Many, in fact, will attend only on those days with free food — it doesn’t make them any more healthy but hey! For $10 a month, you get two slices of pizza.

Meanwhile, a good gym is the total opposite. They don’t look like nightclubs. They do not have mirrors, and some will actually kick you out if you don’t attend often enough. They are smaller, and they have more serious members.

How much does a good gym run? As much as $500 a month, and if you’re paying that much, you’re sure as hell gonna make sure you get something out of it.

So, as the New Year rolls around and you begin to consider your resolutions, if you decide to enroll in a low-cost gym, consider the possibility that you’re almost certainly not going to attend frequently. But if you really want to game the system, go everyday out of spite. You’ll show them, and you’ll get positive health results in the process.

Friday 131220

“Elizabeth” with a wheel
For time 21-15-9 reps of:
135 lbs Cleans
Ring dips
Ab-Wheel Rolls

As always, SCALE if and when necessary. For some of us that are new to Olympic lifting, high pulls and FS will be good enough. The sub for ring dips is 4/1 bench dips, 3/1 bar dips or 2/1 jumping ring dips. Can’t AB-Wheel, try 3x sit-ups.

Compare to: TITANFIT: Monday 090112

Monday 090615

“Elizabeth” with a wheel
For time 21-15-9 reps of:
135 lbs Cleans
Ring dips
Ab-Wheel Rolls

As always, SCALE if and when necessary. For some of us that are new to Olympic lifting, high pulls and FS will be good enough. The sub for ring dips is 4/1 bench dips, 3/1 bar dips or 2/1 jumping ring dips. Can’t AB-Wheel, try 3x sit-ups.

Compare to:
TITANFIT: Monday 090112