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How men and women exercise differently

By Vicky Hallett
Special to The Washington Post
Tuesday, March 1, 2011; 11:59 AM

No one wants to think she’s a cliche. But it’s time for me to recognize that when it comes to my gym behavior, that’s exactly what I am: a cardio-loving woman who has to be forced to hoist a dumbbell.

I would feel worse about this revelation if it weren’t for the fact that my husband is just as stereotypical. Every workout is a chance to outdo himself, which inevitably results in soreness, shin splints and other woes. A few months ago, at a boot camp class, he generated so much heat that his head – no joke – started to steam. I can guarantee that I’ll never work that hard.

Luckily, we can both blame it on biology, according to research by Weight Watchers. The organization is best known for counting points, but behind the scenes, staffers are sorting through a lot more complicated data. And some of the most fascinating stuff stems from contrasting male and female attitudes toward weight loss and activity, says chief scientist Karen Miller-Kovach.

For starters, a much higher percentage of the men surveyed believe that exercise is enough to slim down, whereas the women tend to embrace Read more Tuesday 110308