Monday 090406

Yesterday, 3 TitanFit records fell!

Kelin Mark – 300 lbs – Front Squat (Beat old record by 35 lbs)
Lauren Higgins – 2:01 – 500M Row (Beat old record by :05)
Josh Tuttle – 1:30 – 500M Row (Beat old record by :03)

Excellent job by each!


Dead Lift
90% of your 1 RM x2 x5

“Mini MetCon”
Tabata Push-ups

Compare to:
TITANFIT: Saturday 090314

For those that are training for the Indy Tri, we will also post WODs for CF Endurance. If you plan to incorporate the CF Endurance additions, skip any TitanFit “mini” MetCon that may be listed.

After TitanFit WOD
Do: 30:20 x 8 rounds, 30 seconds on 20 seconds off, all out effort!