Thursday 071129

Workout (A) (AKA – BLAME CHRIS)
For time:
21, 15, 9 of
30 lbs DB Snatch (each arm)

For those that have completed this workout, we also offer

Workout (B)
For time:

Run 400m
21 – KBS (M use 53 lbs and W use 35 lbs)
12 – Pull Ups
Row 500m
15 – Deadlifts (M use 225 lbs and W use 165 lbs)
Run 400m
30 – Thrusters (M use 45 lbs and W use 30 lbs)
30 – 20 inch Box Jumps
Row 500m
15 – OHS (M use 95 lbs and W use 65 lbs)

Chose A or B…Post times to comments sections. Tomorrow is CFT, so get your mind right!

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Here’s a link to the story.