Monday 140818

Happy Birthday Thor!

Rut and Rice…Thank you for all of your help with improving the aesthetics of the gym.  Everyone…please give them a pat on the back and a thank you the next time you see them.


20:00 – EMOM of:

Even – 100m Run

Odd (3. 7. 11. 15. 19) – 10-Pull-up

Odd – (5, 9, 13, 17) – 20 Push-ups

From CNN


10 ways you’re sabotaging your workout

By Michael Schletter, Life by DailyBurn
Are you at the gym to change your body and your life, or to make friends? Decide now.
Are you at the gym to change your body and your life, or to make friends? Decide now.
  • If you want to build muscle, you need to take in more fuel
  • Neglecting certain movements and muscle groups can cause imbalances
  • Working out longer than 45 to 55 minutes can put the body into a negative hormonal state

(Life by DailyBurn) — If you’ve been working out for eight plus weeks and haven’t started to reap the benefits yet, there’s a good chance that one or more of these silent setbacks has found its way into your fitness regimen.

By being aware of bad habits and the effect they have, you can work to eliminate them from your regimen and hopefully watch your progress start to soar again. Here are some of the most common culprits to look out for:

1. Not warming up

Any good trainer will tell you that an adequate and efficient warm-upis essential to any workout, especially dynamic ones that get you moving in the right movement patterns.

“Not warming up can decrease the effectiveness of your workout and increases your chance of injury,” says New York-based trainer Nick Ebner. “Your muscles won’t be elastic enough, which could lead to tears, meaning long term setbacks and recovery.”

2. Not eating enough

“The amount of energy you put into your body will dictate the training response,” Ebner says.

For example, if you want to build muscle, you need to take in more fuel. Also, to lose weight, you need the right kind of fuel. Without energy to burn, the body turns to the most readily available source: muscle protein.

3. Not training opposing movements

When working out, many trainers will advise working opposing movements, like pairing a bench press with a row. Neglecting certain movements and muscle groups (most commonly the back, hamstrings and glutes) can cause imbalances.

“Muscle imbalances can lead to overuse injuries, such as PCL tears from quad dominance, which will keep you out of the gym for a minimum of nine months,” says Ebner.

Nine months without a workout? That could mean reversal of the results you have already seen.

4. Working in limited range of motion

More common in the bodybuilding community, partial reps, or working in a limited range of motion, can lead to “a limited range of strength and mobility,” says Ebner. He also cautions that when we use heavy weights beyond of the range we’re accustomed to, we are at a much higher risk of injury.

Ever seen a person tear ligaments in their knee stepping off a curb? According to Ebner, this could be because that person does not do a full-depth squat, and therefore isn’t accustomed to using his or her knees to stabilize the body during any motion other than a partial-depth squat.

5. Training too long

A common physiological response to training is the release of certain hormones into the bloodstream, such as testosterone and dopamine.

“Going past 45 to 55 minutes per workout can put the body into a negative hormonal state,” says Ebner.

This is more so true for those who stay in the gym for hours, taking one class after another, and then weight lifting or running on the treadmill to try to burn as many calories as possible. This could mean serious overtraining, adrenal fatigue and performance decrements in the long term.

All of these things, both individually and when coupled together, make for a negative effect on your goals.

6. Training too frequently

You could train 30 minutes a day, seven days per week, but still not see the results you’re looking for.

“Adaptations happen during the recovery period.” No matter how quickly you want to put on 10 pounds of muscle or lose the weight you gained from having a baby, constant workouts won’t do it. You need to let the body recover and return to homeostasis, so it can efficiently build the muscle you want or burn the fat you don’t.

7. Not sleeping enough

We know there are never enough hours in the day to get through everything, but it’s important to shut down at a normal hour. Sleep is essential.

“Certain hormones, the most important of which are growth hormone and IGF-1, which help us build muscle and burn fat, are active when we sleep and not active when we are awake,” says Ebner.

That old wives’ tale of not growing unless you sleep — with muscles, it’s actually true!

8. Texting

Leave your phone in the locker. If you must have it, say for music, put it on airplane mode. Texting can lead to longer rest periods than normal, which could “allow your nervous system to return to homeostasis,” says Ebner.

This could also mean your nervous system won’t be ready to lift heavy weight, and without a spotter, this can be risky, Ebner cautions. The number of reps you’re able to perform might even decrease, sabotaging the short-term effects of your workout. If that becomes a habit, your body won’t change.

9. Talking too much

Are you at the gym to change your body and your life, or to make friends?

While workout buddies can be great for added motivation and accountability, talking during a workout can decrease the metabolic, or fat burning, effect of your workout, Ebner says. The reason? When rest intervals increase, “the body will cool down, leading to a slowed metabolism,” Ebner says.

Also, talking during a set of squats and shifting your focus from the exercise form to the conversation “can lead to form breakdown, and in turn, serious risk of injury,” he says.

If you have a workout partner, great, but save the small talk for your (hopefully shortened) rest intervals.

10. Copying others’ exercises

There is an inherent danger of the “monkey see, monkey do” idea of working out: You might do the exercise wrong. As a trainer, Ebner has seen it a lot. “This is a great way to hurt yourself,” he says. “Just because it looks cool doesn’t mean you’re ready for it.”

Monday 140728

Strength Behind the neck jerk – Heavy single (keep a neutral spine to avoid the bar hitting the back of your head!)



for 20:00…

EOMOM 15-KB Swings 10-Air Squats 5 Push-ups

From Anders’ Blog

Pick ‘Em Rankings (updated after each day of competitions)

The contest rankings below represent what the payoffs would be using the current Games standings.  A highlighted cell indicates a correct pick.  Currently the chart below does not show how much was wagered on each athlete.  I’m working on a way to incorporate that without making the chart too cumbersome.LAST UPDATE: FINAL

Congratulations to JesseM on winning the CFG Analysis 2014 Games Pick’ Em! Five of six picks right, including a big-money pick of Lauren Fisher for top 10. More analysis of the results, and the Games in general, will be coming over the next week. Stay tuned!

If you see a pick that looks incorrect for you, let me know. I typed these in by hand and easily could have made a mistake. Quick Thoughts on the Games so far [UPDATED MORNING OF 7/27]:

  • Not quite sure how Rich Froning is back in front after the past three days. He’s had so many finishes in the 20’s that it’s pretty shocking he could still be in first, but his ability to rack up first and second place finishes has been crucial with this scoring system.  I haven’t had time to do the math on this yet, but my guess is that Mat Fraser would be in front if the regionals scoring system was used.
  • Camille Leblanc-Bazinet looks to be running away with this on the women’s side.  I mentioned it to a friend of mine prior to the Games that the fact that she has had so little hype, especially compared to Julie Foucher, might really help her mentally at the Games.  I’d like to note that Camille was a 38% shot to win the Games here on CFG Analysis, but was not in Pat Sherwood’s top 8 competitors.  Just a note.
  • On the flip side, the pressure on Julie Foucher may have been too much.  For whatever reason, she was the focus of so much hype in the community this year, and the Games really haven’t turned out quite like people expected for her.  That being said, she still has a shot at the podium if she can put together a couple solid finishes today.
  • Spectator-wise, Saturday’s events were definitely the best of the three days so far.  The muscle-up biathlon made for some tremendous drama, and the men’s final in the push-pull event had quite possibly the most intense finish that we’ve seen in the Games history.  It certainly helped that the men’s competition (finally) is actually close, and that race really meant something. [END 7/27 UPDATES]
  • [7/26 UPDATES BELOW]
  • It probably goes without saying that this will be the toughest test Rich Froning has faced since he finished second in 2010. He desparately needed that win in 21-15-9, but now that he established that he can still dominate in a traditional CrossFit workout, I would still consider him the favorite despite sitting in fourth right now.
  • Of the men in front of him, I think Josh Bridges has the best shot to take him down.  While I don’t think Khalipa will fall far, I also think that he generally has a hard time beating Froning in the traditional workouts, so I expect Froning will continue to gain on him the rest of the weekend.  But Bridges is one of just a handful of people that can beat Froning on the classic CrossFit workouts if they’re in his wheelhouse.
  • If Julie Foucher isn’t able to make some ground up quickly today, this is set up to be a two-horse race on the women’s side.  Camille has survived the early workouts, which typically have hurt her in the past, and the remainder of the weekend should set up well for her.
  • Interesting that none of our 25 participants picked current leaders Kara Webb or Jason Khalipa to win.  Khalipa is popular enough that I am surprised no one took a flier on him at something like 70:1.  It’s a little more understandable on the women’s side, since Kara Webb wasn’t quite as good of a payoff at 18:1 and Julie Foucher seemed like a great value at 6:1.[END 7/26/UPDATES]