Thursday 140626

200m Sled Pull + 200m Farmer’s Carry

Those crazy Brits…

From The Huffington Post

#FreeTheNipple: This Bikini Top Sticks Two Fingers Up To Censorship

The Huffington Post UK  |  By  Posted: 24/06/2014 18:22 BST  |  Updated: 25/06/2014 09:59 BST

Head to a beach this summer and you might see a bunch of women walking around with their nipples on show. But, before you drop your ice-cream cone on the floor and gawk, know that all may not be as it first seems.

The women may very well be sporting the new TaTa Top – a bikini top with two pink nipples emblazoned onto the cups.

At first glance the top may seem like some hilarious prank, but dig slightly below the surface and its creators have a distinctly more feminist agenda.

tata top 1

While men are free to walk shirtless as they please, being topless if you’re a woman is illegal in some American states.

With that in mind the bizarrely realistic garment has been created in order to tackle the lack of gender equality when it comes to bearing all.

On their website the makers of the bikini, Robyn Graves and Michelle Lytle, write: “Why can’t girls be topless? If you really think about it, what’s the difference between a man’s nipples and a woman’s? Is it really just the extra breast tissue? Is it the fact that women’s nipples are paired with a vagina?

“Is it the presence of a real and true female nipple bare to the world that is so offensive, that is so horrid that it must be kept covered?

“Who is this law protecting and what are they protecting them from? What message does it send to young women about their bodies? That they should be ashamed and keep them covered?”

Although not directly associated, the bikini hits (online) shelves in the wake of the#FreeTheNipple movement.

The campaign – originally started by filmmaker Lina Esco – has seen hundreds of women parade topless around New York to end gender-specific double standards.

The TaTa Top will allow women to support the campaign in a way that’s completely legal (and brilliantly sneaky).

tata top 2

“You look topless…but you aren’t, and therefore, are not breaking any laws,” the website reiterates.

“If the sight of uncovered nipples makes you shudder in fear or pop off in anger, then game on and may the breast girl win.”

Happy customers have already been wearing the top with pride and posting some utterly fabulous snaps on Instagram… Read more Thursday 140626

Wednesday 130626


100m Farmer’s Carry
200m Run
100m Farmer’s Carry
400m Run with Medicine Ball

1-Press +1 Push Press – Get a new 1RM!

From Bloomberg

Exercise Turns Bad Fat to Good in Study Finding Benefits

By Meg Tirrell – Jun 21, 2013 5:15 PM ET

Exercise can turn bad white fat into its healthier, calorie-burning brown version, and may help keep diabetes at bay, according to research.

Men who trained for 12 weeks on an exercise bicycle showed a browning of their subcutaneous white adipose tissue in a study presented today at the American Diabetes Association meeting in Chicago. In a separate study in mice, brown fat was linked with better glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity, suggesting the substance may play a role in preventing diabetes.

Exercise can turn bad white fat into its healthier, calorie-burning brown version, and may help keep diabetes at bay, according to research. Photographer: Chris Jackson/Getty Images

The results build on earlier studies showing brown fat, previously thought to be active only in babies and children, contains calorie-burning properties and may help protect against age-related weight gain. Today’s study also suggests that exercise is beneficial even if it doesn’t result in weight loss, researchers said.

“Our results showed that exercise doesn’t just have beneficial effects on muscle, it also affects fat,” Kristin Stanford, a postdoctoral fellow at Joslin Diabetes Center in Lanham,Maryland, said in a statement. “It’s clear that when fat gets trained, it becomes browner and more metabolically active. We think there are factors being released into the bloodstream from the healthier fat that are working on other tissues.”

To determine brown fat’s metabolic effects, researchers transplanted fat from mice that ran on an exercise wheel for 11 days into sedentary, high-fat mice, and saw improvements that lasted for at least 12 weeks. The fat that was more brown was associated with better body composition, a reduction in fat mass and improved insulin sensitivity and glucose uptake in mice. Those effects in humans weren’t determined.

The studies were funded by the American Diabetes Association and the National Institutes of Health. The trial in humans comprised 10 healthy men.

“Our work provides greater motivation than ever to get out there and exercise,” Stanford said

Monday 120618

YES!  Finally on to Week 3 of Texas Squats!

4 sets of:

4 reps of Front Squat at 75% of your 1RM and 8 Back Squat at the same weight.


Handstand Holds – a few wets of 30 seconds
Farmers Walk – pick up a heavy kettle bell and do a few sets of 100m walks

Have you ever wanted to participate in a 24 hour bike ride?  Me neither, but there is a 24 hour ride that will take place in Indy.  Check out 24 hours of Booty.  Yes, believe it or not, the link is family and work safe.