Tuesday 110125

20 – Burpees
5 – Get-ups per side

500m Row
10 – Wall Ball Shots
10 – Pull-ups
10 – Box Jumps

 By Patrick Hruby
Such is the world that the departed Jack LaLanne made: protein bars and acai berry shakes, cardio kickboxing and P90X, shake weights and Bowflex machines and gyms teeming with America’s sweaty, straining masses, yearning to be fit.

Oh, and also the guy over at the squat rack, grunting at a decibel level somewhere between train whistle and snowmobile.

Here’s the thing about going to the gym: it can improve your physical health. Provide greater emotional well-being. Maybe even make you look good shirtless and/or in a bikini. All it takes is hard work, the eye of the tiger, an unflagging commitment to becoming harder, better, faster and stronger, and an inner reservoir of interpersonal patience and tolerance to shame Gandhi.

In fact, it mostly takes the latter. Because at the gym, as in life, hell is — thanks, Sartre! — other people.

No right-thinking general would send troops into battle without a map. No football coach would send players onto a field without a scouting report. And yet, every January, millions of unsuspecting Americans follow LaLanne’s example and join health clubs — without so much as a warning about the annoying, archetypal individuals who lurk within.

No longer.

As a public service — and in honor of LaLanne, who once swam from Alcatraz Island to Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco while handcuffed, shackled and towing a boat, and did so without hogging the treadmill — Page 2 presents a field guide to eight of the most irritating types of gym-goers. Beware:

 The Camper

Species: Squat Rackus Torpeo

Signature behavior: Read more Tuesday 110125

Friday 081017

For time:
5 Rounds

5 Rep Barbell Power Clean
(load equals 75% of body weight)

1st round – 10 Reps Get ups (5 right/5 left – load equals 25% of body weight)
2nd round – 8 Reps
3rd round – 6 Reps
4th round – 4 Reps
5th round – 2 Reps

Yes 25% of BWT is a lot. I am not sure I can do 70 lbs for that many reps. Scale this one to your current fitness level.

Tuesday 071218


12 days of Christmas (AKA – Blame Fuller!)

For time:
1 – Burpees
2 – 95 lbs PP
3 – 95 lbs FS
4 – 95 lbs PCLS
5 – 95 lbs DL
6 – Box Jumps
7 – Pull-ups
8 – Push-ups
9 – Ab Mat sit-ups
10 – Get-ups (5 each arm)
11 – 53 lbs KB Swings
12 – A 500M Row

KF at the top of box jumps…trust me, he cried out Bah Humbug! Sorry, I could not help myself.

SW at the end of box jumps…

I have been advised, to really follow the song, the workout needs to be:
1 Burpee
the 2 Dead Lift and 1 Burpee
then 3 Power Cleans, 2 Dead Lifts and 1 Burpee etc.

I have updated the order of events. Thank you Mr. Berg.