Friday 111202

Happy Birthday Bay!


It is Friday so it is time to Oly Lift!
Cleans – work up to 80% of your 1RM and complete 4 sets of 5 reps


3x 10 Russian twist and GHD Lower Back

Funny! I like that he does squats at intersections while waiting for lights to change.  Read the following from The Mercury News.

San Jose police: Man who caused post office shutdown was jogger in unusual gear

By Lisa Fernandez

Word to the wise: Maybe it’s not the smartest thing to jog in what looks like a gas mask and body armor, and then jam a package in a post office box.

Long Hoang, 29, of San Jose wears cardio mask and weighted vest by… (Courtesy of Long Hoang)

It could touch off what happened Tuesday at the busy San Jose post office on Lundy Avenue: a full-scale police response, complete with the bomb squad and a robot.

But San Jose police said the suspicious-looking jogger seen fidgeting with a package at a drop-off box was only working out in hard-core, albeit odd-looking, exercise gear.

“The guy said he was wearing a cardio mask,” said Sgt. Jason Dwyer. “It was his cardio day, and he was trying to lose weight.”

That’s not what a post office customer thought when the man in the weird mask and vest was stuffing a package in a blue mail box about 12:30 p.m. The customer called police, and in a flash, Read more Friday 111202

Tuesday 110628

0600 Workout
Texas Squats for those that are behind. 

Those that are on schedule:
125m Row
10-GHD (back extensions)
10-2 pood KB Swings
10-GHD (sit-ups)

1700 Workout
New folks – Rowing intravels
Old Timers – Warmup with KTEs and 5:00 of single unders. Then it is time for weighted pull-ups


Read the article below from the fine folks at Purdue

Study: Trying to lose weight? Lose the fat substitutes

June 21, 2011
Susan E. Swithers and Terry L. Davidson, professors of psychological sciences, found that fat substitutes used in popular snack foods to help people control weight may have the opposite effect. Their research findings, published in Behavioral Neuroscience, were based on rats that consumed potato chips with and without the fat substitutes. The rats that consumed the fat substitute were more likely to gain weight. The researchers are part of Purdue’s Ingestive Behavior Research Center. (Purdue University photo/Andrew Hancock)

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. – Fat substitutes used in popular snack foods to help people control weight may have the opposite effect, according to Purdue University research.

“These substitutes are meant to mimic the taste of fat in foods that are normally high in fat while providing a lower number of calories, but they may end up confusing the body,” said Susan E. Swithers, professor of psychological sciences. “We didn’t study this in people, but we found that when rats consumed a fat substitute, learned signals that could help control food intake were disrupted, and the rats gained weight as a result.

“Substituting Read more Tuesday 110628

Monday 110516

4 rounds of MOB (Man Overboard)
the stations are:

Ring Rows
GHD Lower Back Extensions
Box Jumps

The future of old

If you’re 30 now, what can you expect at 80?

(Getty Images)

By Leon Neyfakh May 8, 2011

It used to be that we knew what old age looked like. You’d work your way through adulthood, punch out as soon you turned 65, and spend the rest of your days sitting on porches, playing bridge, and golfing. And while there was a nightmare associated with old age as well — think warehouse-style nursing homes and dull, segregated retirement communities — you entered the final stage of your life expecting, probably correctly, that it would not be a long one. It’d be over before you got too sick and, perhaps more importantly, before you got too bored.

This was back when people over 65 accounted for a relatively small proportion of the US population — under 10 percent in 1960, according to the census from that year — and the average age at the time of death hovered under 70. Since then, advances

in medicine and increasingly widespread health-consciousness have caused these numbers to rise precipitously. Demographers predict that by 2030, average life expectancy will have climbed past 80 and people over 65 will account for more than 20 percent of the country’s population.

Taken together, these changes amount to a dramatic transformation of American society that has only just begun — one that promises to have acute ramifications for the composition of our families, the makeup of our workforce, the functioning of our health care system, and even the layout of our cities. As America grows increasingly gray, Read more Monday 110516

Thursday 110421


A MetCon from CrossFit’s main page…
3x rounds for time of:
Run 100 meters*
50** Push-ups
Run 100 meters
50 Sit-ups
Run 100 meters
50 Squats
Run 100 meters
50 Back extensions***

*If it is raining, row 125m per
**In an effort to keep this under 30 minutes, I suggest a scaled version(s)…either do 30 reps per round or do 50, 35, and 20.

***As we only have 1 GHD, sub Good mornings