Friday 091120

KM, Becky and KTF rowing

KTF, Becky, KM, Mary, Will and Ryan after… (not pictured Glenda and Sharon)


Team WOD!

Based on constantly varied, we have not had the opportunity to complete all of the Hero WODs. To remedy this issue, TitanFit is now instituting Hero Saturday WODs.

To ensure we do not “cherry pick” the WODs we will complete them in the order they first appeared on the CrossFit Main Page.

Tomorrow, therefore, is our first Hero Saturday. We will complete JT…In honor of Petty Officer 1st Class Jeff Taylor, 30, of Little Creek, VA, who was killed in Afghanistan June 2005 – First posted 6 July 2005

For time:
21, 15 and 9 of
Handstand push-ups
Ring dips