Hips Meet Bar

The Greg Everett of Catalyst Athletics wrote an interesting article about hip involvement during Oly lifting. Read below.

Hips, Meet Bar

Greg Everett | September 9 2011

Some topics seem to generate more heat that others, and for some reason, the question of how a barbell should come into contact with the body during the snatch and clean seems to get some people extraordinarily wound up. I personally don’t lose any sleep over how anyone else lifts or teaches the lifts. I may agree or disagree, but I don’t let it upset me too much. The following will undoubtedly further upset the same people who are already upset.

In my humble opinion, there is more than one way to be successful with regard to weightlifting technique. I mean this more in the sense that different technical styles are better suited to different lifters; for a given lifter, one approach will be most effective, and lifters will naturally gravitate toward that style. This is how you end up with technique like Vardanian, Dimas, Sagir, Popov, et al. They weren’t taught to lift with the peculiarities that characterize their lifting technique; rather, they naturally performed the lifts in such a manner and found it successful, or they intuitively adjusted over time their approach to find the most effective style. Others trying to mimic it are rarely Read more Hips Meet Bar