Friday 081107

As you know, it is now November and it is getting a colder outside. That being the case, we are likely to row a bit more often than run for the next few months.

Rowing properly will improve your times and make you workouts more enjoyable. As such, I thought it is a good time to re-post the following video. It shows some of the common flaws on the Concept II (C2) rower.


For time:
50 – Medicine ball cleans/Wall Balls Shots M20 lbs/W14 lbs

So here’s the drill…Perform a Medicine Ball clean, then from the catch position, perform a Wall Ball shot. Each reps starts from the deck, so drop the ball between each reps.

No Medicine Ball, try M53 lbs/F 35 lbs squat cleans with a thruster.

JSYK, this idea came from the KTF. There are 100 squats in this workout, so it will burn…

Tuesday 080812

I’m feeling old again! With the untimely deaths this past weekend of two influential entertainers, Isaac Hayes and Bernie Mac, I was forced to think about how short life really is. Based on census data, the life span for a black man in America is 72 years. 72!…meaning I was middle aged at 36.

As such I continue to remain focus on my (and your) health. We need to continue to work hard to be there for our loved ones and to ensure we can enjoy our time here.

Isaac Hayes was known as Black Moses, Ike The Ripper and, later, Chef from TV’s South Park. Like many I was introduced to his musical talents by listening to the sound track he created for the movie Shaft. While the movie was one of many in the 70’s with a theme that seems VERY out of date by today’s standards, the movie’s music created by Isaac and his other recordings will live on for a long time.

If you have not had an opportunity, you should give the sound track a listen. I’m sure you have heard the Grammy winning title track – but the rest of the album (yes album) ushered in a whole new sound. It was one of the first “funk” albums and is full of what the old folks call “belly rubbing” music. The song won him a Grammy and two Oscars, for “Best Song” and “Best Score” in 1972. That same year he won a Grammy for his double album Black Moses.

Bernie Mac (born Bernard Jeffrey McCullough on October 5, 1957) is a two time Emmy Award-nominated American actor and comedian.

Mac was born in Chicago, Illinois and was raised by a single mother, Mary, who died of cancer when he was sixteen. He started his career was in high school, where he would put on shows for neighborhood kids in Chicago’s south side. During his 20s he worked in a variety of jobs; he was a furniture mover, UPS agent and a bread delivery sales rep.

Go to youtube and watch him do his thing.

Running drills
2x 15-20 meters of:
Side Shuffles

Med ball Throws and Calisthenics
Backwards Throws – 20 Push-ups
Side Throws – 20 Squats
Thruster Throws – 20 sit-ups

Day 26 of the push-up challenge. Are you up to date? If you are just starting you need 351 to buy in/catch up. I’m off to do my 75 (26 for today and 25+24 for the last 2 days I have missed).


Fun On A Saturday Afternoon

OHS – Bar x5x2, 65lbs x5x2, 95 lbs x5x2
FS – Barx5x2, 65 lbs x5x2, 95 lbs x5x2

Today a hodgepodge of rowing, lifting and plyometrics.

1:10 Rowing*
1:10 – 24 Inch Box Jumps

1:10 Rowing
1:10 Push-ups

1:10 Rowing
1:10 35 lbs Kettelbell Swings**

1:10 Rowing
1:10 65 lbs (total weight of bar and plates)- Front Squat/Push Press

1:10 Rowing
1:10 Medicine Ball Sit-ups***

1:10 Rowing
1:10 65 lbs (total weight of bar and plates)- Push Press

*If you do not have access to a rower, sub 400M runs for rowing
**Can sub dumbbells
***Can sub regular sit-ups

Jerry (l) and Eric (r) after today’s workout