Friday 120817

It is Friday, time to Oly Lift.


Pick one, Clean and Jerk or Snatch…work to a heavy single. After using 80% of that heavy single, get 2 reps of your Clean and Jerk or Snatch, on the minute for 10 minutes.

Sunday 101212

For time:
1 – Burpees
2 – 95 lbs PP
3 – 95 lbs FS
4 – 95 lbs PCLS
5 – 95 lbs DL
6 – Box Jumps
7 – Pull-ups
8 – Push-ups
9 – Ab Mat sit-ups
10 – Air Squats
11 – 53 lbs KB Swings
12 – A 500M Row

So the workout is:
1 Burpee
then 2 Push Press and 1 Burpee
then 3 Front Squats, 2 Push Press and 1 Burpee etc…

Saturday 101023

Time to Oly Lift
Find a ner 1RM for Clean or Snatch

AMRAP in 20 mins of:
10-53 lbs KB Swings

Common Mistakes on the Olympic Lifts

The Olympic lifts– the snatch and the clean & jerk– are less about brute force and more about technique.  Little things like foot placement and back angle make a huge difference in the amount of weight you can move.  As your technique improves, you will find it easier to do the lifts and you’ll make better times on workouts that involve lots of them (like last Wednesday’s WOD). 

There are two very common mistakes on both the clean and the snatch.  First is lack of full hip extension, second is improper foot position on landing.  The trick Read more Saturday 101023

Tuesday 101005


Time to Olympic Lift…

Researchers have found that fat in different parts of the body grows differently, and despite the prevailing belief that the number of fat cells in the body remains constant in adults, the study finds that the number of fat cells in the lower body actually increases in number with weight gain, while weight gain in the abdomen causes fat cells to grow in size.

The findings represent “a breakthrough” in understanding how our bodies produce fat, according to lead study author Dr. Michael D. Jensen of the Mayo Clinic Endocrine Research Unit.

Researchers recruited 28 adults for the study –  15 men and 13 women, all without any health problems and of normal weight. The subjects’ body fat and fat cell size was measured before the study and again after eight weeks of overeating, using fat biopsies, according to Jensen.

Eating a diet that included giant candy bars, ice cream shakes, and high calorie nutritional drinks, Read more Tuesday 101005

Thursday 090115


Yes, I know it is snowing and cold. I need you to come in on this rest day to learn some Olympic lifting. Today, we will teach the Snatch. We will also provide hot chocolate as an incentive to come and get better on your Olympic lifting.

No, we will not provide marshmallows!

TiatnFit is growing. The growth is prompting us to move from the garage. Exciting? Yes! Change is always for the good! Stay tuned for additional updates!

DJ has entered the Indianapolis Indoor Rowing Championships. Check out the TitanFit Trainer’s blog (link on the left) to get additional information on DJ and the other TitanFit trainers.

The Championship is:

Hosted by the Indianapolis Rowing Center
January 24, 2009
International School of Indianapolis

WHAT : A 2000 meter race on indoor rowing machines. A race takes about 8 minutes and is a sprint. Competitors compete side-by-side in heats of 10 people. The machines are electronically linked. Their progress is depicted by video game boats racing down a course, so the spectators and competitors can watch the race on a big screen.

There are categories for all levels including age groups and skill levels. The oldest competitor is 90 and the youngest is 13. Most competitors are from Indianapolis, though teams also come from Bloomington, Lafayette, Elkhart, Fort Wayne, as well as Kentucky and Ohio.

WHO: Anyone can enter. No experience necessary, though if you’d like to train, we will help you!

WHAT CAN YOU WIN?? The winners of relay race* win their very own erg! Individuals who meet a time standard also win a free trip to Boston to compete at the International Indoor Rowing Championships. Last year, two competitors at this race won trips!

What does CRASH-B SATALITTE MEAN? It means if you meet the time standards for your age group — you can win a free trip to Boston to compete at the World Championships on Sunday, February 22, 2009. View the qualifying times on the concept 2 website

HOST: The Indianapolis Rowing Center (IRC). IRC has workouts posted on its website and can help coach you through a training plan!

SIGN UP: Sign up online at Search “Regattas” for the Indianapolis Indoor Rowing Championships. Email Eric Stoll <> if you have any questions about registration.

COST: $25 per person. Enter as many categories as you like! Entry fee includes a T-shirt and helps to fund our outreach rowing program for urban teenage girls.