Sunday 090208



When: The open house starts at 10:00 AM Saturday February 14th.
Why: We want to thank our members for all of their hard work and show others the wonders of CrossFit
Who: Open to all (yes, that includes kids). Come by and meet the team
Where: TitanFit – 7107 Girls School Ave, Indianapolis, IN. 46241
Dress: If you are interested in trying a few CrossFit exercises (e.g. Wall Ball, Tabata, etc…), or want to get in a workout, dress accordingly. be prepared to sweat.
Refreshments: TitanFit will provide healthy snacks and water.
Cost: FREE!
Need More Info: Contact any of the trainers (jberg at titanfit dot com), (kurt at titanfit dot com), (don.fouts at titanfit dot com)