Saturday 150919

“Pet Rock”
For time:
Buy-in 1600m relay row (200m at a time)
40/40 Knees to elbows
30/30 Push-ups
50/50 Anchored abmat sit-ups
40/40 Box jumps (24 inch/20 inch)
60/60 Push press (45#/35#)
Cash-out 1600m relay row (200m at a time)

1. Only one partner can be working at a time. Each partner does the total amount of reps posted before the other partner works. For the row the partners switch every 200 meters.
2. The other partner must be holding the KB while the other partner works. The KB can NEVER hit the ground.
3. If the object is placed on the ground at any time, each person must immediately drop to the ground and do 10 burpees each.
4. Buy-ins and Cash-outs are always a part of the total time of the WOD. And YES the pet rock IS held during the buy-in and cash-out