Tuesday 120624

Start with 1000m Row or 800m Run
then 5 mins Squat Sit

20 mins of:
Odd-12 Wall Ball Shots
Even- :30 Plank or 10 Sit-ups

From Buffer

The Secrets of Body Language: Why You Should Never Cross Your Arms Again

Body language is older and more innate for us as humans than even language or facial expressions. That’s why people born blind can perform the same body language expressions as people who can see. They come pre-programmed with our brains.

I’ve always been incredibly fascinated with body language and how it helps us achieve our goals in life. The power of body language is probably best described by Amy Cuddy’s famous quote:

“Our nonverbals govern how other people think and feel about us.”

If you are anything like me, then you’ve had a healthy obsession with body language for some time. In recent years, a few fascinating studies at Harvard, Princeton and other top universities shed new light on body language and how to use it at work. So whilst the power of language is extremely important to convey the right message. The power of body language however, might be the determining factor of how someone makes us feel.

Here is an insight into some of the latest studies on how we can use body language to our advantage in every day life.

Your body expresses emotion better than your face

We all grow up learning how to deal with each other based on facial expressions. And yet, that might not at all be the best way to judge other people’s emotions.

Researchers from Princeton performed a very simple experiment. They asked study participants to judge from photography whether that person is feeling joy, loss, victory or pain. Now some photographs showed facial expressions only, some showed body language and some both.

Have a go yourself at the following picture and try to say whether the tennis player’s faces on the right enjoy victory or loss:

improve my body language science tips

And the results couldn’t be any more startling:

“In four separate experiments, participants more accurately guessed the pictured emotion based on body language — alone or combined with facial expressions — than on facial context alone.”

Extremely positive and extremely negative emotions are especially hard to distinguish from each other, explains head researcher Todorov.

Now, it gets even more interesting. Body language isn’t just something we have to learn. Most emotional expressions come built into our system. For example, scientists from British Columbiaobserved congenitally blind people at the Paralympics.

In this example, the left athlete can see, whereas the right athlete is congenitally blind. Yet, after winning, both express the same body language for victory:

improve my body language science

So, if body language is both so ancient and ingrained and also so powerful to express our true emotions, how can we use it better in our every day lives to achieve what we want?

Amy Cuddy from Harvard has answers for us:

Body language changes who you are – literally

In one of my favorite Ted Talks, Amy Cuddy explains some of the most peculiar happenings of body language. Cuddy focuses a lot on the business world and how body language is helpful for us here and the possibilities seem to have no boundaries.

Cuddy distinguishes between 2 different types of body postures. One Read more Tuesday 120624

Thursday 130207


Planks and Flutter Kicks – get that core warmed up before we DL.

Planks with alternating arm and leg – Get in the standard push-up position. Lift your right arm and your left leg off the floor at the same time without moving your torso. Hold. Return to starting position, then repeat, lifting your left leg and right arm. 4 mins total.

Flutter Kicks -Lie face up on the floor with your legs extended, toes pointed and hands tucked underneath your glutes to support your lower back. Lift both legs off the floor a few inches and alternately kick the legs up and down. 3 sets of 50


Dead Lift

It is heavy it is on the ground so pick it up.

Using 90% 0f your 1RM for the math, complete:

AMRAP @80%


Using 90% 0f your 1RM for the math, complete:

AMRAP @80%

Mini MetCon
1:40 Row
:20 rest
Aim for 400m + per effort