Recently I read (but unable to verify via my Google searches) the Swedish Army has a fitness test that incorporates:

  • 10k Run
  • Bench press 1 Rep Max
  • Max number of strict pull-ups (no kipping)

The test is done within a 24 hour period, so you can rest after the run.
Scoring for the test is:

  • 5x the time in minutes on the 10 k run (MINUS)
  • the number of kg (1 kg=2.2 lbs) of your Bench press 1 Rep Max (Minus)
  • 2x number of pull-ups

Run 10k: 50:00 (50×5) = 250 points
Bench press: 143 kg (315 lbs) = 143
Pull-ups: 10 = 20
250-143-20 = 87
the lower total score is the better.

50 and under = Gold
51 – 80 = Silver
80 – 130 = Bronze

Not a bad way to gauge total fitness, I think the 10k is a little long, but… give it a try and see where you net out.

Today we will do 3 variations of the Squat.
Over-head Squat (OHS)
45 lbs x10 x2
95 lbs x10 x 2

Front Squat (FS)
95 lbs x10 x2
135 lbs x10 x2

Back Squat (BS)
135 lbs x10 x2
185 lbs x10 x2

12 sets is a lot of work. This is NOT timed, so take plenty of rest between sets. As each variation is unique, doing the 3 will stress different parts of our legs and core.

As always, SCALE the weights to your current level of fitness.

OHS with 95 lbs

FS with 135 lbs