I did not know Tim Russert. Other than being a fan of bad football teams (me, Vikings, him Bills), being a dad and loving his own dad, I do not think we had a lot in common either. Nonetheless, his death saddens me.

Occasionally, when a famous person dies, it makes me think about how and why. I remember when Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain died, I spent hours wondering why a person with it all, would take his own life. Of course, as I got older and wiser, I began to realize that some folks just are not happy. When I heard about Heath Ledger recently, I did not even blink an eye. See how hardened I have become.

Well that takes me to hearing the news about Tim Russert. What now baffles me is how many young folks die because of not taking care of themselves. While 50+ might not seem young to you…it is young to my mom and I bet your mom too.

By taking care of themselves, I mean exercise. This is a fitness site after all. I have used CrossFit as my primary form of exercise for 2+ years now. In those 2+ years, on average, I have worked out 4-5 times a week. On average, those workouts have lasted 30 minutes (with warm-up, which I need to do more often). Thirty minutes 4 times a week (sounds like an infomercial, I know) to have a healthier, stronger, better-conditioned body.

There is a ton of science that says working out is good for you. It fights of depression, keep dementia at bay, helps reduce the incidents of heart disease, improves your overall well being and cost (at TitanFit) about 2 bucks a day. I workout with the hopes of some day seeing my grandchildren – I workout as not to be a burden on my kids as I age – I workout cause it keeps me out of trouble. I wish Russert had and those like him – will start.