Friday 080425

Using 45 lbs, 15 lbs bar or PVC
Pressing Snatch Balance x3
Heaving Snatch Balance x3
Snatch Balance + OHS x3
Sotts Press x3

Snatch Balance – x5, x3, x3, x1, x1, x1 x1

Let’s get a 1RM for this skill transfer exercise. Doing so will give us more confidence to catch the Snatch in a full squat and will make us better athletes. In theory, your 1RM Snatch Balance will be greater than your 1RM Snatch…not saying, just saying

REST 5 minutes then:
One arm dumbbell* snatch (alternate arms every 10 reps), 20 reps.*
Run 400 meters
One arm dumbbell* snatch (alternate arms every 10 reps) , 20 reps.*

*Newbies: 10%-15% of Body Weight
*Middle of the road crowd: 15%-25% of Body Weight
*Advanced: 25%-35% of Body Weight

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