Friday 110408


We’ve had 3 pretty hard days is a row. As such, today we will work on skills. Time to get that Handstand or Muscle Up that eludes you.

Check out the shot of Nail, below. It is one of the photos taken yesterday by Stacy ¬†She is an amazing artist and a very nice person…

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4 comments on “Friday 110408

  1. AWWW man. Is that Joey “the situation”? He just needs a fake tan..

  2. Like I said last night, “if you would have told me that at some point in my life, I would be getting make-up brushed onto my abdominals, I wouldn’t have believed you.” Wrong. And Tuttle, I think it is Mike “The Situation.” Get it right.

  3. Did sectional WOD #3 with Nail and Seth M.

    24 rounds even. Just about what I was shooting for, so I’m happy. Thrusters through the first 16 reps, which was a wise move. After that had to do jerks.

    And as someone who has actually painted on a tan in order to look like him for Halloween, I can confirm that yes, it is Mike “The Situation.”

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