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Will Ferrell introduces the Hornets

By Eric Freeman | Ball Don’t Lie 

On Wednesday, BDL kingpin Kelly Dwyer noted that popular jokester Will Ferrell would be announcing the starting lineups at that night’s Hornets-Bulls game in New Orleans. Ferrell is currently in the Crescent City filming “Dog Fight,” a political comedy with Zach Galifianakis, and he apparently decided to bring some attention to the city’s West-worst 4-22 basketball team.

The intros did in fact proceed as planned, and you can watch the Hornets’ five above. It’s standard Ferrell fare, full of non sequiturs and other absurd gags that could only have come from the man who once decided to build a movie around the character of an arrogant figure skater. It’s also somewhat clear he didn’t know much about many of the players and based much of his material on bits from the media guide. How else to explain that Emeka Okafor majored in economics and minored in love while at the University of Connecticut? There’s more, of course, including one player who loves of Bel Biv Devoe and another who wants to become a rodeo clown after retirement. It’s up to you to decide if any of these “facts” are real.

Unfortunately, Ferrell’s presence didn’t help the Hornets on the court: They were blown out 90-67. On the bright side, at least their players know they can always get a job with the Flint Tropics if this NBA thing doesn’t work out.

There’s nothing to be ashamed about on a lot of these. For instance, why shouldn’t Derrick Rose love “The Notebook”? That movie’s heartbreaking!

The real question to take from these, though, is if Carlos Boozer would sue his mother if she did some changes around the house without his permission.

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  1. 4 rds of:
    21 wall balls (14#)
    15 power cleans (95#)
    9 burpee pull ups

    27:26 or something around that. Really hard!

  2. First, deadlift for a 1RM.

    423 (7-lb. PR). I’ll take it!

    Then Tabata intervals of back extensions, toes-to-bar and push-ups (goal of total reps, not the low score on each exercise)

    96 back extensions, 50 toes-to-bar and 97 push-ups

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