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Here’s a fun little URL that indicates the average score based on age and weight for the CrossFit Open WODs  CrossFit Games Calculator 2012

How true…from 70’s BIG

A Half Squat Is Not A Squat

I was at the gym last night and a younger guy stepped into one of the squat racks. This outta be good, I thought. If someone actually does squat in a fitness gym, it’s a half squat done with a back pad. To my pleasant surprise, this guy walked out 135 and squatted it to full depth; I’d rather see light weight squatted fully than heavy weight done partially. After a few minutes, I motioned for him to take out his headphones and said, “Hey man, I just want you to know I appreciate that you squat to full depth.” After a split second of confusion, I added, “Cause nobody ever does.” He nodded in recognition and I walked away. We never talked again.

Shirtless. Shaved. Half squatting with stop sign plates…

I hate half squats…so much. Every time you don’t squat to depth, I pour a beer down the drain. And I HATE wasting beer. I just don’t understand why people think it’s okay to do partial reps of anything, much less in squatting. Muscular development or strength is achieved by working muscles through a full range of motion. Squatting, benching, or curling through half of the ROM only trains the musculature through that given ROM and typically subjects it to injurious forces. For example, a half squat will not utilize the adductors, hamstrings, gluteals, or external rotators and as a result place excessive stress on the anterior aspect of the knee. This is why ignorant people claim that squats are bad for the knees. And why would someone want half a muscle?

Ego lifting is such a joke. Aside from the “let’s see how many plates I can put on the bar”, it isn’t quantifiable whatsoever. There’s no way to determine if one rep is comparable to another. It drives me insane and I can’t take it This is a video of some jackass who thinks there is some kind of utility in half squats (there isn’t).

Here’s a video of an easy full-depth squat (445×3, BW 187ish) by Brooks Conway at Quest Athletics. You could also re-watch this vid of Chris raw squatting 600/620/640 for doubles.

Never, ever half squat. If you do we should all just quit lifting and start drinking mermosas while getting pedicures and facials.

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2 comments on “Friday 120330

  1. Kirk and I did some FULL front squats. No half-squatting here, don’t worry.

    185×5, 205×5, 225×5, 245×3, 255×3 (ties 3 RM)

    Then a short metcon:

    AMRAP 10 of 20 seconds L-sit, 20 swings (53), 20 back extensions.

    5 rounds + 20 seconds. Went about 3/4 speed on this one. Pretty beat from the heavy squats.

  2. Sloan and I deadlifted first. I did 165×3, 175×3, and 185 AMRAP (5 reps).

    Then, Newge, Sloan and I did the metcon of 4 rounds of:

    500m row
    10 deadlifts (135#)
    10 burpees
    10 push press (55#)

    Took 19:07 and got all the deadlifts in a row which I was please with. Though my back was destroyed the next day.

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