Friday 131101

Welcome to Rowvember!

Here’s the plan.  For our first salvo, we will kick-off Rowvember with an Old School 5,000m Row with 100 Air Squats.  How fun is that!  Then starting Monday Rowvember 4th, we will row 1,000 meters.  We will add 100m each day until Wednesday Rowvember 28th (the day before Thanksgiving) …again, fun right?!  Our goal is “grease the grove” and get better at rowing.  Long Winter months ahead and rowing will be a major component.

The rows can be done before a workout (my preference) as part of the workout or of course after.  When before or after, let’s make that last 500m count…shoot for sub 2:00 (M) sub 2:15 (F) during those last 500m.  At the end we will have a greater ability to row and a greater capacity to do these crazy CrossFit WODs.



5000m Row + 100 Air Squats.  Partition as desired.


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