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Dead Lift
use 90% of your 1 RM + 10 lbs complete:
70% x3
80% x3
90% x3
80% x3
70% x3+
Hand Stand Holds.

10 Crazy Fitness Rules That Should Exist


Walk into any subway station in Moscow, Russia, and you might think you accidentally stepped into a gym. That’s because city officials are now offering free rides to passengers who can crank out 30 reps of body-weight squats. It’s their way of boosting Olympic spirit before the Sochi Winter Games, which are just three months away. But it got us thinking—what fitness rules would we enact if given the opportunity?

We polled the Men’s Health office, and here are the 10 crazy rules our editors concocted. These rules aren’t meant to “make up” for a lazy or glutenous activity. Rather, think of them as insurance policies—any guy who can perform these feats probably doesn’t need to worry about the occasional fast food meal or episode of laziness.

Crazy Rule #1

1. If you order a Big Mac, do 10 pushups. Combo meal? Drop and give us 20. Ever seen an overweight person do 20 perfect pushups? We haven’t either.

Crazy Rule #2

2. Before you purchase luggage with wheels, perform a suitcase walk. Carry a dumbbell—choose one that equals half of your body weight—by your side for 40 to 100 yards. (No cheating! Click here to see how to do a suitcase walk with perfect form.)

Crazy Rule #3

3. Sure, go ahead and buy that Big Gulp full of soda. But swim 30 laps—the same number of ounces in your drink—before you take a sip.

Crazy Rule #4

4. If you take a taxi fewer than 10 blocks, push it for two of those blocks. Anyone who can push a cab that far easily has the cardiovascular fitness to walk 100 blocks.

Crazy Rule #5

5. Use the elevator at work? You better be able to walk up five flights of stairs before you can take it again.

Crazy Rule #6

6. Before hitting snooze on your alarm clock, complete 25 jumping jacks.

Crazy Rule #7

7. Every time you order a beer, hold the pint at arm’s length for 90 seconds before you drink it. Spill? The clock starts again.

Crazy Rule #8

8. Stand for the length of a movie before you buy a ticket to see it. (Double the time if you plan to chow down on a tub of popcorn during the flick.)

Crazy Rule #9

9. Before you lie down, demonstrate how to stand up with ease. Complete a perfect Turkish getup to purchase a La-Z-Boy recliner. (Not sure how to do a TGU? Follow these 7 steps to master the move.)

Crazy Rule #10

10. Walk to your coworker’s office to relay a message or ask them a question. Only if they’re not there can you shoot them an email. Don’t feel like getting up before hitting send? One dollar is deducted from your paycheck.

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