Free Introduction Session  

The Introduction Session(s) are held by appointment only, please contact us to schedule.                                 

This FREE1-on-1 private 1-hour session is designed to introduce CrossFit style training and methods.  We will discuss your training goals and how TitanFit will help you meet those goals. 

You’ve completed the FREE introduction session and are interested in joining.  How to start?

We enroll you in TitanFit’s On Ramp Program.  The On Ramp Program is designed to teach the basic necessary movements, ensure correct form and proper technique.

OK, What’s after the On Ramp Program?

After successful completion of the On Ramp Program, you are moved in the class Work Out of the Day (WOD).  We carefully scale your intensity, load (amount of weight lifted) and duration to ensure your safety and success.

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  1. I’d like to know pricing for an individual. Thanks. Look forward hearing from you.

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