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  1. 29:59
    This was my 1st workout doing kipping pull-ups. A lot of them were very ugly and I was slow, but I did them. I had to rip off the last 10 clean & jerks in about 1:30 to stay under 30:00. Glad I made it!

  2. Went with chest-to-bar pull-ups in preparation for the final sectional WOD, so this one was slower than expected:

    22:29 (135 pounds).

    Jess also completed this one at 55 pounds and did more than half (42 to be exact) of the pull-ups as Rx’d before switching to jumping. It took a while though:


    And Doug, time to man up and stop using 95 pounds! Your max is 175 for crying out loud! Put some weight on that bar!

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