5 comments on “Monday 110725

  1. Made up 12 Days of Christmas from last week. This was my third try at this workout since starting here, so I tried it with a weight vest (~20 pounds).

    22:47 – Felt much harder (obviously) than without the vest. Maybe on a cooler day without the strap coming off repeatedly, sub-20 is possible. Still pleased with this time.

  2. 100 95lb OHS, making it up from last week. 23:20-ish. Got through 86 reps at around 15 minutes, then proceeded to go 1-3-2-2-2-1-3. For those of you keeping score at home, that is called “hitting a wall.” Quads and shoulders are pretty sore today.

  3. Worked up to 155# on the Cleans. Did the metcon in 10:25 i think maybe it was 11:25. Can’t remember for sure.

  4. got up to 225…very slow getting my elbows around. need to start oly lifting again

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