Monday 110822

800m Run
1-KB Swing
2-KB Swings
3-KB Swings
You see where I am going…end with:
1 Push-up
15-KB Swings
800m Run

Don’t forget “Murph” is coming in 2 weeks. As such we will spend time doing the movements in an effort for a fast “Murph” time.  Oly lift tomorrow and Wednesday we start the workout with 100 air squats.

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5 comments on “Monday 110822

  1. Handstand push-up and 2 pood KB swing work in preparation for The Seven tomorrow. Beast mode Tuesday! “Set all modes to beast.” -Anders Larson

  2. I believe the correct term is “Beast Mode Wednesday on Tuesday, presented by Titanfit.”

    Beast Mode: ENGAGED.

  3. 22:20 – row. Not a good time when compared to Wilson, Larson, Jeff and Pastor Seth! DFL to the “Beast Mode” crew!

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