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  1. Big day at Titanfit… got my first chest-to-bar pull up and PR’ed on power cleans. Finally at 100 lbs after a year of trying.

    Mini Met-Con:
    3 Rds of
    12 Ground to Overhead (55#)
    10 Burpee Box Jumps


  2. 3 rounds of
    250m row
    25 pushups
    250m row
    25 GHD sit ups
    250m row
    25 air squats
    250m row
    25 GHD back extensions


    Actually only did 40 GHD sit ups in total. I switched to Ab Mat sit ups after 15 through the second round. Still felt pretty good about the time

  3. Congrats to Jess on her chest-to-bar pull-up! She’ll be doing muscle-ups before we know it…

    I did “Heavy Elizabeth” – 15-12-9 of power cleans (165), weighted ring dips (26-lb. KB)


    Lost a lot of time on transitions, but oh well. Ring dips were down to 2’s and 1’s by the end.

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