2 comments on “Monday 120102

  1. I decide to do Barber… both Sloan and Anders did this a couple of weeks ago.

    2 rds of:
    15 HPSU (subbed raised push ups on 24″ box)
    20 Pull Ups
    25 Box Jumps (24″)
    30 Deadlifts (135#)
    35 Burpees

    24:44… pretty happy with this overall, especially the box jumps. And to think I used to be scared of the 12″ box. BOOM!

  2. Followed Herb’s lead and attempted the heavy main site WOD from last week:

    5 rounds of 9 deadlifts (135), 6 hang power snatch (135), 3 overhead squat (135)


    Tougher than expected and I felt way too slow, but those hang power snatches are tough. Everything else unbroken but need to get better on the snatch.

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