6 comments on “Monday 120116

  1. I did the first workout from the Indy North competition this weekend.

    2 rds of:
    20 dumbbell thrusters (Rx is 30#, used 25# and did 23 reps to account for the lower weight)
    20 pull ups
    20 burpee box jumps (20″)

    15:51… Time cap was 15 min and at this point, I was through the 2nd rd of the 13th burpee box jump

  2. 3 Front Squat followed immediately by 3 Back Squat:

    135, 155, 165, 175, 195 – felt good


    100 burpees in 6:13

    100 burpees for time is the most underrated workout in the fitness universe.

  3. My 100 Burpee time was 1 min faster than that of Nail and Newge combined. I fear that if we went head to head they would beat me. As Doug would say in this situation, I can out BP both of them.

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