Monday 130513


Chase “Cindy”
20 minutes AMRAP of:
200m Run/2 Rounds of “Cindy”

Dead Lift
80% x1

Yup….That is all!

There’s always time to exercise

Posted: Sunday, May 12, 2013 12:30 am

Jane Riley – Special to The Garden Island

We all can think of lots of reasons why we can’t exercise. Among the more popular excuses are, “I’m just too tired” or “I just don’t have time.” Other excuses include “exercise makes me want to eat more” and “I don’t want to sweat and then have to shower and change.”

I can’t do much about the sweating and changing thing. That’s really part of the package. However, the other excuses are really a matter of fooling yourself. Regular physical activity actually improves energy levels. The best time to exercise is in the morning for three main reasons.

 • First, you rev up your metabolism early and burn more fat.

• Second, the workout gets done if it is prioritized.

• Finally, you will sleep more soundly at night if you exercise in the morning, rather than getting jazzed up before bed.

The excuse that you don’t have enough time for exercise is a myth for just about everyone. If you work 50 hours a week and sleep eight hours a night, you still have 62 hours left for all the other important things that you do. Since we have now established that exercise gives you more energy, you will be able to get through all those activities of daily living and have time to spend on getting yourself in shape.

You could take a look at your schedule and see where you could build in little mini workouts, too. There could be a half hour or so before work, or at lunch time, where the workout will fit in nicely.

If you workout at a moderate to intense level, researchers have noted that a hormonal shift occurs that reduces your appetite. This downward shift lasts for the whole day.

A way of ensuring that fewer calories are consumed on workout days is to take a balanced snack of about 200 calories right after working out. The balance of protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats will keep you feeling satiated while repleting your muscle glycogen and blood sugar.

The upside of exercise is well known. Putting on a little muscle and gaining strength can help with weight management by increasing your metabolism.

Exercise helps keep your bones strong by driving calcium into them. This aids in keeping your posture straight and strong. Good posture doesn’t just look good, it is healthier for you as well.

Your balance improves, your ability to breathe fully improves and your internal organs can function better, rather than being cramped up in a slouched over body. Maintaining good posture is easier on your back and joints, and it reduces physical stress and fatigue.

Working out helps you avoid conditions such as heart disease, obesity, cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis and depression.

There is evidence that exercise helps you avoid dementia in later years as well and improves mental clarity right now. Exercise is a great stress reliever and can actually help you improve your memory.

Besides it can be a load of fun.

So many reasons why you should, and so few real reasons why you can’t. See you at the gym!

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