Eggs and Apples

3 eggs
1 Apple
1/2 Tbs of Honey
1/3 Tsp of Butter
2 Walnuts
1 Tbsp Avocado
Cinnamon Powder
Container with a lid
Wok or Frying Pan

Melt the butter and honey together in the container. Break up the walnuts and also add into the mix. Core and slice the apple, then add into the container and top off with as much cinnamon as you like. Then place the lid on the container and shake it all up until all of the apple slices are coated with brown deliciousness.

Have the stove on about medium heat, and throw apple mix in the Wok/Pan for about 5-7 minutes. The longer it cooks the softer it will get. Depending on preference cook to taste. Longer for softer apples, shorter for warm crisp apples.

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