Saturday 110709

WOW (Work On a Weakness)

Do an exercise that you would normally avoid. ┬áDoug…that means you need to do a MetCon.

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5 comments on “Saturday 110709

  1. Did some “cardio” today: 4 rounds of row 500 meters, run 400 meters, rest 3 minutes

    3:31, 3:40, 3:46, 4:15 (the last round includes an extra 30 seconds of rest that I took by accident). Total of 14:12 excluding the prescribed rests.

    Not as quick as the last time I did this one, but with the rowers all the way back in the back, it added about 20 meters of running on each round compared with setting the rowers up outside.

  2. haha thanks for the shout out. I probably should do a metcon. All I’ve done for the past month is squat.

  3. I did Week 2 of Texas Squats on Saturday. I did 4 rds of 4 Front Squats, 8 Back Squats at 75 lbs. I think I need to max on my Front Squat so I know what weight to use. The 75 lbs was a little light.

  4. Jess L- did you consider that perhaps the reason that the weight felt light was because you were in complete BEAST MODE? Just food for thought…

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