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  1. 12 min AMRAP of:
    60 Calorie Row
    50 Games-Style Push Ups
    40 Games-Style Box Jumps
    30 KB Swings (35#)
    20 Front Squats (135#)
    10 Muscle Ups

    Got through the KB Swings with 10 seconds to spare. Front squat weight was way passed my max so after this metcon, I just worked on Front Squats and did:
    AMRAPx100# – 4 reps

  2. “The Break-up” followed by “The Make-up” at Kirk’s request.

    Ladder of push press (125) and burpees – got through 9th round about 2 seconds after the end of the minute

    Rest 10 minutes

    3 rounds of 5 squat cleans (125), 10 pull-ups (chest-to-bar), row 200 meters


    Not my best work, but I worked off a bit of the hangover, I guess.

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