Thursday 080807

Push-up ladder day 21. 231 CTD Push-ups to buy in/catch up.

using 45 lbs bar
Pressing Snatch Balance x3 x3
Heaving Snatch Balance x3 x3
Snatch Balance + OHS x3 x3
Sotts Press x3 x3

Snatch Reps are started on the minute
66%* x1 x5
71% x1 x5
76% x1 x5

Rest as needed between these sets
80%* x1
85% x1
88% x1
90% x1
92% x1
*Of 1RM

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6 comments on “Thursday 080807

  1. Squat 235
    Press 150
    DL 305
    Total 690

    While modest compared to the many studs at TitanFit, I was pleased as all are PR’s in my short (last few months) career of O-lifting. Herb has me moving in the right direction! No back pain either.


  2. snatch – 130x1x2
    c&j – 160
    bs – 205

    3 rds of:
    10 pull-ups
    10 x 20# medball sit-ups


    Rick, great job on the total! Hopefully we'll see you at Herb's soon.



  3. RR:
    690 is a great number. you are getting strong fast. let’s hope this carries over to your MeCons and that they get easier.

  4. took the day off…will do CFT tomorrow. i did, however, do my 19 push-ups!

  5. All the boxes moved – check.
    Bedroom suit, up 2 flights – check.
    All kitchen, bathroom supplies, etc. – check.
    The woman’s shoes and dresses – should wrap up next month!


    Completed 19 PU’s afterward.


  6. CFT
    in this order…
    Dl – 535
    Pr – 225
    Sq – 425
    TO – 1185

    gotta get 16 more lbs…

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