8 comments on “Thursday 120223

  1. AAANDREW……..YOOOUNG MAN! Get your head out of your ass. These are real burpees that don’t allow that sorry ass 1/2″ jump you do with your burpees.

  2. ANDREW – get your ass signed up and stop being a tightwad. You were concerned about not being able to do all the workouts. Well you can certainly do freaking burpees!

    I look forward to bringing up the rear for TitanFit on this one. But as the Canadian would say, this one is about “miles and miles of heart.”

  3. BTW last place right now is 1 burpee. So anyone concerned about finishing “last” – I think you should be ok….

  4. I got 69. Which currently places me in a tie with a number of people for 3408th.

  5. i got 80. I did this in the grass outside my apartment. I jumped up and touched a tree branch.

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