Thursday 120531

May was fun. Now time to get serious for Summer.

2000m Row
10 Presses @60% of your 1RM
10 KB Swings

1000m Row
15 Presses @60% of your 1RM
15 KB Swings

500m Row
20 Presses @60% of your 1RM
20 KB Swings

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6 comments on “Thursday 120531

  1. “Barber”
    2 Rounds of
    15 Handstand Pushups
    20 Pullups
    25 30″ Box Jumps
    30 185 lbs Dead Lifts
    35 Burpees

    Did 8 HSPUs in first round then subbed 3:1 regular pushups for the rest. Need to get better at HSPUs

  2. Same as Nail.

    17:56 Rx’d (1:09 improvement since doing in in January)

    Still a tough one. Other than the pull-ups, it’s all pretty tough.

  3. Same as Anders and Nail.

    Subbed handstand push-ups with 55# Press, did 24″ Box Jumps and 135# for the deadlifts.

    Time was 29:24 and have some lovely bruises on my thighs from missing a few of the box jumps.

  4. Did “Barber” on Friday.. 55lb press, 24″ box jumps and 135lb deadlift

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