Thursday 120802

Chris Ann and Charlie did this yesterday…


For those that are in the CF Games Open, looks like you are doing a BRUTAL version of “Fran”

A few CF Affilaiates have began “max effort testing” 3-4 time a year.  There are alot of “test” out there, but the one lited below seems to be hard and fair for all.

4-Minutes of Rowing (for calories)
Rest 60 seconds
3-Minutes of Kettlebell Swings
(Men: Adv=24 kg, Int=16 kg; Women: Adv=16 kg, Int=12 kg)
Rest 60 seconds
2-Minutes of Back Squat
(Men: Adv=Bodyweight, Int=3/4 BW; Women: Adv=3/4 BW, Int=1/2 BW)
Rest 60 seconds
1-Minute of Shoulder to Overhead (Push Press/Jerk)
(Men: Adv=95 lbs, Int=75 lbs; Women: Adv=65 lbs, Int=55 lbs)


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