Thursday 130307

Before you embark on the WOD listed below, PLEASE remember to maintain good GREAT form throughout the Snatch sequence.  A rounded back during any of the reps will cause pain and possible injury.  For the majority of us (those that are not entered in the CrossFit Games) we suggest using the Master’s weights for this and all other CrossFit Games WODs if you want to give it a go.    

Your safety and your continued improvement are the top of our priority list.  Don’t be foolish!  

CrossFit Games Open 13.1

Proceed through the sequence below completing as many reps as possible in 17 minutes of:

30-75 pound Snatch M, 45 pound F and Masters M, 35 pound Master F

30-135 pound Snatch M, 75 pound F and Masters M, 55 pound Master F

30-165 pound Snatch M, 100 pound F and Masters M, 75 pound Master F

AMRAP-210 pound Snatch M, 120 pound F and Masters M, 90 pound Master F

*Must touch a target that is 6 inches above your out stretched reach

Workout for those that are not participating in the CrossFit Games

For Time:

40-KB Swings

30-KB Swings

20-KB Swings

10-KB Swings

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