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A few months ago, we had a visitor.  Below is her review.

Indianapolis CrossFit Gym Review #1- TitianFit

No Pretty Boys Allowed

Tonight I visited TitanFit on 7109 Girls School Ave. Indianapolis, IN. 46241. From their website I was nervous that they were going to be a gym full of fearless athletes that would look down their muscle-bound sculpted noses at me. The owner, Herb, is an accomplished Weightlifting Sports Performance coach. And they espouse a few “no-nonsense” type quotes like:

Simply put if you are exercising for “boy band” abs, we are not the facility for you.

I arrived at the end of the 5:30 WOD during open gym. This is only the 3rd Crossfit gym I have been to but it looked pretty typical to me. The smell of sweat and triumph clinging to the walls, unfinished drywall, plywood structures, a slip-covered couch. Ok, maybe the frat house of CrossFit gyms but it’s not supposed to be pretty and fluffy. It’s a place to get down to business!

I stood awkwardly by the door until greeted by THE Herb Sampson. I had emailed ahead and been told to stop by anytime after 5 so he was sort of expecting me. I had mentioned that I had some CrossFit experience but as my husband pointed out they probably get that a lot from the people who have seen it on the Biggest Loser via Bob Harper.

He put me through a warm up/fitness test of band walks, band squats, (see the irony here?! boy band? lol) and arm stretches then asked me to show him my pull-ups (2-3 kipping and band assisted.)

Start in 3, 2… whenever you feel like it

He was very laid back and explained that he tries to make the gym like one he would want to work-out in. They are not strict on the WOD class times and he seemed to indicate that it was more of an open gym atmosphere with some people starting at 5:00, 5:15, or 5:30 for the first evening class and they just naturally fell in groups.

I can see what he is trying to do here and I will be going back to try out a “real class” at these times to see how it works, but in concept I HATE THIS IDEA!

One of the things I LOVE about CrossFit over other options is the community atmosphere and the fact that you are all doing the same workout at the same time. Some scaled of course, but I like that there is a distinct start time (3, 2, 1, GO) for all of us and the music gets cranked up. For me it creates an urgency and intensity that helps me push myself. I think letting people create their own heats would not only leave this intensity behind (I did see people standing around and lazily doing Burpees- HOW DO YOU LAZILY DO A SET OF BURPPEES??!) but it seems like it would create fragments within the TitanFit gym community and exclude new kids like me :( which can be discouraging.

Herb had me do Jackie (1000m row, 50 Thrusters, 30 Pull-Ups) for our introductory 1-on-1. As a trainer he seems very solid and corrected me often on my form, which I like. I finished in 12:48 with 35# thrusters and band assisted kipping pull-ups (hey, I said I was beginner dammit!!) I don’t want to make excuses but I did feel like I stopped mid-WOD a lot more. I think it was because

a) I’m out of shape.

b) I was doing it by myself.

c) Colbie Callat came on the speakers during my WOD. (I CANNOT GET JIGGY WITH THIS SHIT!)

Planet Fitness of CrossFit?

It was a good workout, he was a good trainer, for me- it was hard, but it was not FUN. I meandered out more inspired to hit the drive-through than to come back for another class. It was not the meat head gym I was expecting but I almost think I would have prefered it to the laid back se-la-vie atmosphere I found on this particular Tuesday night. I also admit that I tend to be really high maintenence and require A LOT of attention, praise, and excitement. These were not things that I foresee getting from this place. I would have to be more self-motivated to get more out of it, but if I wanted to do it on my own or work out lazily alongside other people without interacting with them wouldn’t I just go to Planet Fitness?

The Return of the Jedi

I’ll be going back in the next week or so to do a Part Deux and see if my preconceived notions about the intensity is unfounded. The reality is that this is a thriving gym with lots of good members that appreciate the TitanFit take on CrossFit.

What do you think? Am I being a Diva?

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10 comments on “Thursday 130620

  1. At first I was going to write “I’m too angry to reply to this right now”

    But then I physically started shaking and decided to type a few fragments of the anger pulsing through my veins..

    1. Maybe if you wouldn’t have ‘stood akwardly by the door’ and actually came in and introduced yourself to someone you would have been put in a group for the WOD.

    2. Your parellel of a resistance band and a boy band is the stupidest fucking thing I have ever read.

    3. If you lack intenstiy that’s probably a personal problem. No amount of group training is going to overcome your laziness.

    4. “I don’t want to make excuses but…” THEN DON’T MAKE FUCKING EXCUSES.

    5. Colbie Calliat does suck. That might be the only thing you said right in this whole dumbass review.

    6. If you want your workout to be FUN go to fucking Zumba. If you want your workout to be effective, come back.

    7. Herb is an amazing coach who gives lots of attention, praise and excitement to people who work hard and achieve goals in the gym. Was he supposed to jump up and down over your assisted pullups or something?

    8. Disclaimer: I am easily the meanest person in the gym. Do not judge our gym on my comments.

  2. I’ve been a member of Titanfit for over a year and have never once worked out by myself. I agree that Colbie Calliat is some pretty garbage music, but I guarantee that music was on out of respect that someone needed to bring a young child in one night and had to turn off all of our rap and cursing music.
    We don’t have strict classes because our members have different schedules everyday, and maybe some of us couldn’t be there at the same time every day. Herb the best coach and when I think he’s not watching you and when you think uncan cheat on something he will see u even if he’s all the way across the gym. And he remembers everyone’s scores at the end.
    You won’t find another gym that will do murph and then have a pig roast and get a keg (thanks Larry and Nail)and celebrate afterwards. Everyone is always welcome to be part of our family but if you don’t want to be here, then you are more than welcome to go elsewhere. Thank you for telling the world exactly how the gym is not though , and Jessie may be the meanest person in the gym and might judo chop someone next time they talk about our family in a negative way. Hah

  3. There aren’t enough words to describe how much I just enjoyed reading all that, and comments 🙂
    If you don’t like the gym, please don’t come back. ‘Nuff said.

  4. Each one of the the girls that just commented on this review are some of the toughest women in our gym. If you would like to workout with some people that will “push you” these are the ladies to do it. Our gym allows people with similar skill sets to workout together to create a a friendly competitive atmosphere. I can speak from experience that its not fun to workout out with people that destroy you at every WOD or vise versa. There are a wide range of athletes at our gym and finding the people that are are going to push you but not embarrass you takes more than 1 visit.

  5. One of the biggest problems is trying to assess the whole culture of a gym after simply one visit- that’s just ignorant no matter what type of situation you’re talking about. Herb tailors everything to you and if you want a class that starts at a set time (that will give you the excuse not to go if you’re running late), a coach that makes you figure out your own weight to scale, who has no idea of your ability, and isn’t big and strong enough to save you if you’re in trouble trying to max out- then go to a cookie cutter gym and sign up for les mills body pump!!!

    You stated that people were standing around doing burpees “lazily?” Did you not say that you had to rest in the middle of your WOD? Sounds like people are pushing themselves to their limits in that gym to me! Actually, I know, because I go there….more than one time.

    As Dustin said, there are ALL abilities in the gym- it’s the best part. You feel comfortable yet challenged every time you go. Everyone has their strength and weakness and something we would never do in our gym is judge anyone for that- something we DO see all of the time is improvement- which, personally, has been beyond my wildest imagination about what I could do or would even try. .

    All of it is thanks to Herb- he makes us stronger while keeping us safe! That’s pretty good for a Tuesday.

  6. “I also admit that I tend to be really high maintenence and require A LOT of attention, praise, and excitement. These were not things that I foresee getting from this place.:

    I think this is the main problem!!! Crossfit is about encouraging other and helping other reach the next level. But is also about putting yourself out there and pushing yourself to highest level. Maybe criticizing the entire gym and the members is not the way you need to go about this. Maybe taking a little closer look at yourself and how you treat others and their perception of you will lead to you receiving praise that is not requested or asked for. The TitanFit family will praise you and give you attention because they want you to do well and will be the best cheerleaders when it is deserve.

  7. “I’ll be going back in the next week or so to do a Part Deux and see if my preconceived notions about the intensity is unfounded. The reality is that this is a thriving gym with lots of good members that appreciate the TitanFit take on CrossFit.

    What do you think? Am I being a Diva?”

    No you didn’t. Yes, they were. Yes, It is with a lot of VERY happy member that consider Titanfit a family (as observed in the above posts). I think you’d be better served to join a Globogym and pay for a personal trainer than can cheerlead you to your personal “fitness” goals.
    OHS 1RM 185# (10# PR)
    3X 30 Push Ups, 50 Air Squats, 200m Run

  8. Not a whole lot to say that hasn’t already been said. Try it again – if it doesn’t feel right, it’s not for you. Not every gym is going to appeal for everyone. But you owe it to yourself to spend some time reflecting on your attitude and wants with regards to a gym in addition to reflecting on your experience at TitanFit.

    I wouldn’t make it at a gym where I had to show up at 5:00 sharp or miss out on the class workout, or a gym where I couldn’t drink a beer after a Friday workout – so I don’t go there

    Honestly, I think TitanFit is the best gym in Indy, and that has a whole lot more to do with the people that are there than the class structure or the music. Plus I’m pretty sure I PR’d a deadlift once to miley cyrus or rihanna or something crappy like that. Just sayin’.

  9. I feel like we really piled on Colbie Calliat there. I for one, think Colbie Calliat is super attractive and I would welcome her at TitanFit with open arms. (Colbie, if you are reading this, my number is…)

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