Thursday 130801

Welcome to August my friends…


Great job on the CFT yesterday.  Everyone, YES EVERYONE got at least 1 PR!  Those that missed it should make it up today.  For the rest, make this an active rest day or work on a weakness.

Thank you KTF for the link.

Ever felt that you simply could not do something? Don’t tell that to Richie…

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3 comments on “Thursday 130801

  1. 100 Overhead Squats at 95lbs for time


    Quads are in Wreck City today.

  2. “Boat Race”:
    500m Row
    400m Run
    3:00 Rest
    13:39 w/o rest


    EMOM x 10
    2 Squat Snatches at 65%
    Used 95#

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