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Growing up on a farm, I always had an appreciation for hard work and labor. I always had an active lifestyle and thought I was in good shape. In the winter of 2005 I stumbled upon the CrossFit protocol and was intrigued. The challenge was what I was looking for and the potential results were appealing. Unfortunately, there were no affiliates in the area at that time.

In November of 2007 I found TitanFit and I have been actively CrossFitting since. The CrossFit regimen has completely changed my life, both physically and mentally. If you’re not CrossFitting, you’re not in the best shape of you life. I promise.

I want to share what I’ve found in CrossFit with others and help you achieve your fitness goals. These goals can be achieved with CrossFit, a program based upon functional movements. CrossFit will train your body as a whole to adapt to the demands placed upon it during your daily life. Your overall health, fitness, and well-being can improve dramatically if you’re committed to this program. CrossFit is hard work, but the results are worth the effort. So come by and check out TitanFit, the local CrossFit affiliate.

Personal Background

I was born and raised in a small town in Illinois and have been involved in sports and fitness, in various forms, since high school. I attended the University of Illinois @ Urbana-Champaign and graduated with a degree in Civil Engineering. With no market for people holding this degree anywhere near my hometown, I was left searching the Indianapolis area for employment. I work full-time as a Structural Engineer for Phoenix Fabricators and Erectors, Inc., located in Avon, IN, and part-time as a trainer at TitanFit. My free time consists of cooking, beer tasting, and CrossFit reading. I have a house in Avon and live in harmony with my girlfriend and relative harmony with our two cats.

Kurt T. Fuller
Level 1 Certified CrossFit Trainer
email: kurt@titanfit.com

Jenn Gates

Jenn Pull-ups

I am Indianapolis born and raised.  Growing up, I participated in many sports, including track, soccer and gymnastics and I was a cheerleader.  I am also a proud Veteran.  I joined the U.S. Air Force after graduating high school.

After my military service I became a license practical nurse and started competing in women’s bodybuilding.  In 2001, I competed in 1 show and won my class and overall.  In 2004 I got the urge to compete again and switched to figure.  There, I won both my class and overall as well.

I began competing at the national level and turned Pro in the IFBB in 2007.  In 2007 I also resigned my pediatrician nursing to focus on my training, family, and training others!  In 2008 I won the Ms. Figure Olympia in the IFBB making me number one in the world!  I competed in my last show at The Arnold International in 2011…when my youngest child was 11 months old.

I started this CrossFit thing in 2013 and have not looked back.  I am a fitness enthusiast and loves the community and competition of CrossFit.

Jenn Gates
email: jenng@titanfit.com

Carol Sampson
I was one of those never-been-an-athlete people who first tried working out in college with the “let’s get physical” craze in the ‘80’s. Ahh the big hair with a headband, the spandexy aerobics, weight lifting in the mirrors and socializing at the front desk with the hunky employee (aka my husband!) was how I loved to spend a good 2 hours of my responsibility- free student day. When real life hit after grad school, I was shocked that 1-2 hours in the gym everyday was not realistic anymore. For years, sporadic periods of exercise interspersed with months of pure laziness and no incentive followed me right up until I was pregnant with my first child. THEN I really had an excuse: Working mom with no family close to help watch the baby. I couldn’t work out!! Besides, I already spent 8-9 hours away from my child; no way was I going to take another 1-2 hours away from him to go to a gym!! When the second child came, there was twice the justification not to go!

Over time, little by little, I started purchasing equipment. Next thing I knew, I had brought the gym to my home! Suddenly one of my excuses was gone and a bit of panic crept in: now I could work out at home and not have to find a sitter. Then, I found Crossfit, and my last and greatest excuse disappeared… TIME! What, you can get fit in less than 30 minutes a day??!! No way…!

I fully admit it was a little intimidating at first, but I’ve been Crossfitting pretty regularly now for about a year. Some days are better than others; some weeks are better than others, but overall I have made, as the Crossfit folks and Herb promise, measureable progress in strength and stamina inside the gym. Better than that is the REAL-LIFE progress I have made OUTSIDE of the gym. Real life fitness, translatable fitness, is something that really happens with the Titanfit program.

I now have my Crossfit Level 1 Certification; something I never imagined I could do. As an over 40, formerly very out of shape working mom can now say to you, if I can do this, YOU CAN DO THIS; there are no longer any excuses left. There IS enough time to complete an effective workout. You CAN learn new things with Titanfits’ excellent coaching support. The workouts ARE SCALABLE to your abilities and your ability to push yourself comes naturally with the doing. You WILL be able to carry over your fitness into real life needs; lifting your children, shoveling your walks, taking the stairs, carrying in your groceries in one trip!

And the sense of accomplishment, the boost in energy and confidence you take away from Titanfit is priceless.
email: carol@titanfit.com

Herb Sampson

I have competed in a number of sports–football, track, biking, and power lifting to name a few.  Like many, while competing and training for sports, I had my fair share of pains and injuries. I attributed those pains and injuries to age and bad luck.  And like you, I have also wasted a great deal of time and energy doing unnecessary things, like 60 minute lifecycle sessions, leg extensions, calf raises (yet I still have VERY small calfs), bench press 3 – 4 times per week, pec deck and the like, all in the name of fitness.

I did all those things thinking I was making myself more fit – silly me. All those leg extensions gave me knee pain. All of the bench pressing helps when I need to push a car out of the snow, but has little real life applications and gave me sore shoulders. All of the slow motion, wasted time on the lifecycle made me less fit, yet the lifecycle monitor told me I was burning hundreds of calories.

In 2005, I saw this quote, “Nature does not care if you have big hulking biceps.”

Shortly thereafter, I found CrossFit! What I’ve discovered, stumbled upon and want to share with you, is proper training is the key. Proper functional training has erased the pains that were caused by the combination of slow aerobics and bodybuilding training. Proper functional training is the ounce of prevention that is actually needed. Proper functional training has allowed me to become more fit in less than half the time I used to spend in those franchised “Fitness”-smoothie-making-spandex-ridden-“health”-clubs. Without CrossFit, I would still be in a fitness, lack of fitness, truth be told, rut.

Fitness is not available in pill form. You can not buy it from a late night infomercial or at a kiosk at the local mall. Fitness that lasts a life time and fitness that gives you a better quality of life, takes hard work! To get results come to try CrossFit at Indy’s most hands-on training environment.

Herb Sampson
Level 1 Certified CrossFit Trainer
USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach
email: herb@titanfit.com

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