Tuesdasy 111129

The Newge lounging after his Press WOD

Press – Using 90% of your Press 1RM from you most recent CFT, complete:
5x 65%
55x 70%
AMRAPx 75%

Mini MetCon
3 rounds of “Barbara”

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3 comments on “Tuesdasy 111129

  1. From the Crossfit New England Site… the workout called for runs of 800M, but I rowed due to the inclimant weather. Deadlifts were 165# Rx for women and I did 135# instead.

    Row 1000M
    15 Deadlifts
    15 T2B
    12 Deadlifts
    12 T2B
    9 Deadlifts
    9 T2B
    6 Deadlifts
    6 T2B
    3 Deadlifts
    3 T2B
    Row 1000M


  2. That was inspiring work, Newg! GET SOME!!!

    I did some DL work first: 305×5, 328×3, 348xAMRAP (7)

    Then a quick one: 5 rounds of 8 deadlifts (225), 8 toes-to-bar – 4:06.

    Thought I did really well but then realized I was comparing my time to the wrong workout (that one also had 8 burpees each round). Oh well….

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