8 comments on “Tuesday 110802

  1. 17:43…Dusty beat me by 5 pull-ups. it took a full minute to do 5 once I lost!

  2. Helen instead in 14:32.

    Way off PR here, but I’lll take it.

    Nice work Newge and Jeff!

  3. Snatched- worked up to 115 lbs, failed on 120 lbs. Sadly, a 10 lb PR. Then…

    As Rx’d – running- 14:04

  4. Did this one at a “Globo Gym” in Topsail Beach, NC. Used 55-lb. DB for swings and ran on treadmills, so probably considerably cooler than for you guys.


    See you guys on Monday.

  5. Also did Helen. 14:37 (+5 second penalty). Giving myself a penalty because I thought it was 20 KB swings instead of 21.

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