Tuesday 111108

Today is a take it easy day.  We had a lot4 PRs on Cleans yesterday and a few folks did the 100 reps of 50% BSquat.  Come in foam roll, stretch have a beer…but take it easy today.

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2 comments on “Tuesday 111108

  1. I wasn’t in the category of people who did 100 back squats yesterday, or else I would have been taking it easy as well. Instead:

    “Filthy Fifty” – 23:39 (PR by almost 7 minutes). Probably helped to have Kirk breezing through this thing ahead of me to keep me moving. Burpees were still horrendous and I felt as bad as ever at the end, but it was worth it.

  2. I did 2 rounds of max rep for 2:00 of push ups, squats, swings, and sit ups.

    Round 1:
    Push Up – 33
    Squat – 64
    Swings – 49
    Sit ups – 45

    Rest ~1 min

    Round 2:
    Push Up – 25
    Squats – 56
    Swings – 35
    Sit ups – 43

    Total Reps: 350

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