Tuesday 111115


Let’s try Seth’s Monday morning workout (yes I know the rep scheme is wrong, I will correct it tomorrow)


30-CTB Pull-ups

15-135 lbs Clean and Jerk


40-Double Unders

30-Dead Lift – 135 lbs

200m run with 20 lbs Med Ball


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3 comments on “Tuesday 111115

  1. Run 800M
    100 Thrusters (15# DBs)
    Run 800M

    Time: 18:30

    PR by 3:30 and done at 6 am so pretty satisfied with this one.

  2. Seth’s WOD – 15:04.

    Harder than expected, especially on the shoulders (but then again my shoulders were pretty sore from yesterday, so maybe it was just me). Fun one, though.

    FYI, the rep scheme was:
    40 push-ups
    30 C2B pull-ups
    15 C&J (135)
    35 burpees
    60 double-unders
    40 wall-ball (20)
    30 deadlift (155)
    Run 200 w/ med ball (20)

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