Tuesday 120207

It is time to ROW!

5x 1:40 on :20 off rest 2:00 then 4 more rounds.  Try to maintain a 2:00 per 500m pace for the entire workout


TitanFit Trainer’s WOD It is time for Games WODS!
5:00 of 155 lbs Clean and Jerks (Squat Cleans)!

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4 comments on “Tuesday 120207

  1. 5x 1:40 on :20 off rest 2:00 then 4 more rounds ave 417m/2:01.9 pace was doing pretty well until the 7th round!

  2. Cindy – 13 rds + 5 Pull Ups, Rx. PR of 2+ rounds and did chest to ground push ups.

  3. First, a bit of power snatch work.

    135×4, 145×4, 155×3 (all touch and go)

    Then I accidentally talked Kirk into doing Sectional WOD #1 from last year, which meant he dragged me into doing it, too.

    AMRAP 10 of 30 double-unders, 15 power snatch (75)

    5 rounds + 30 + 13 (tied PR)

    I’ll take it considering it was day 4 in a row and also pretty dehydrated/worn down from my actuarial exam this morning.

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