Tuesday 120410

Happy Birth Day Newge, you little ball of hate you.

Well we are scheduled to run but it is really windy for sprints…so we will row “Death by 10m”

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3 comments on “Tuesday 120410

  1. A day behind, but I’m trying to avoid squatting this week b/c of a hip flexor issue, so instead of “Pheezy,” I did last year’s Regional WOD #3:

    21-15-9 of deadlift (315), box jump (30″)

    10:45 – Yikes the deadlift was heavy but I got through it. 3:15 slower than when I did it last year at 275 lbs.

  2. 3x of power snatch, hang squat snatch and squat snatch. Worked up to 60 lbs. Squat snatch is still a struggle for me!

    15-12-9-6-3 of Snatch (65#) and Burpees. Somewhere around 12:27. Did all the snatches as singles since my max is only 75# but got all of them without failing.

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